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New Trick Of Armed Robbers To Attack Car Owners


New Trick Of Armed Robbers To Attack Car Owners

Everyday, armed robbers devise new strategies and tricks to attack people in their homes, offices, and on the road. It is advisable to be security conscious and careful whenever you are anywhere. 

Armed robbery attacks have become rampant and one of the most dangerous in our society. This is because armed robbers do not have regard for the life of their victims; they go to an extent of killing and destroying properties.

According to a narrated recent experience everyone must learn from, some armed robbers used a simple trick to attack a man.

The armed robbers used their car to hit the back of their victim’s car from the back as soon as the victim decided to get out of his car to check what happened.

The armed robbers quickly came out of their car with weapons and attacked the man in the middle of the road. They robbed him of all he has with him, including his money and other properties. 

Be careful not to rush out of your car immediately, especially in the night whenever your car is hit or brushed from the back. Be vigilant and watch your first reaction so as not to be a victim. In case of any suspicious move from the other car, speed off and leave the scene.