Home News NATIONAL INTEREST: SOS To Partner Churches in Nigeria On Socio-Economic Development

NATIONAL INTEREST: SOS To Partner Churches in Nigeria On Socio-Economic Development


NATIONAL INTEREST: Servants of Servants (SOS) To Partner Churches in Nigeria On Socio-Economic Development

Bishop (Dr.) Priscilla Otuya, the convener and president of Servants of Servants (S.O.S) Nigeria, an initiative of KOGA Foundation, USA., has said, the society needs volunteers with uncommon patriotism and zeal for social services essential for economic growth and societal well-being.
Speaking on the theme, “Activating The Regeneration; Mobilising Christian Associations and Faith Based Organisations in Nigeria For Socio-Economic Development”, during a strategic meeting of selected people of faith on the need for partnership in the present pandemic situation ravaging the world and the willingness to effect desired change under the new development.
Bishop Otuya said, SOS partnership among others things, will create entrepreneurial and financial actions that will above all, lift the people of God above hopelessness.
“True Christianity does not harass with the Bible, but proves Christlike through character, conducts and love. God the King in the affairs of men is set to dismantle wrong structures to institute His own desire for man in the body of Christ. This move is to achieve what religious Christianity could not achieve in the body of Christ and volunteers who will identify with this reality will have to prove their readiness to the new development and show godliness by exemplary living”, she said.
Stressing further, she said, instead of complaining and lamenting about the present situations in Nigeria and around the world, people should take initiative to do something on their own than depending on government. Because, government alone cannot do everything and as citizens, we have to contribute our own quota. Every home, family and community should work together in their environment and locality to create socio-economic hub.
“Men and women of faith who are enterprising should use what they have to provide what is needed in the body of Christ and in the society, this will make everyone happy and the society will grow”, she added.
Otuya advise the Churches to move from the norm of come, sit down, listen to sermon, pray, sing and go; to paradigm shift as it happened in the days of the Bible, where the church become socio-economic solution provider. Church leaders should harness the opportunity created by fellowships and association to network with other non-profit faith based organisations to build socio-economic base.
Bishop Otuya is of the opinion that, God has a hand in recent happenings, likewise, the devil has his reason to duplicate what God has done. Whatever God initiated always have counterfeit from the devil and every government have their own plan too. Whatever is happening now is for a purpose and to understand that purpose we must obey government guidelines to that situation. Because, no government in power without God knowledge and no government can please all her citizens.
“All hands must be on desk to make Nigeria great, the youths should positively make good use of available opportunities to them for their own end and future. They should seek the face of God and walk with His word to build a better life and strong future”, she pleaded.
“It is saddening that, in today’s life, most parents have neglected and abdicated their role of good and godly parenting to nannies and maids, without proper home training, upbringing and character value to their children. This is seriously lacking among present generation of youths. We have cultists in schools, immoral and fraudulent decadence are increasing daily among our youths. They are not ready to work hard anymore, but want to live larger than life. This is what we exposed them to and why they are mostly involve in various forms of crime and ritual activities. Yet we expect much from the government when we have not done our home work”, she lamented.
“Arguing that, most societal problems today are from homes, if parents creates time to properly upbring their children, we will surely have less problems and the government burden will be reduced. The youths are the hope of this nation and parents should endeavour to sacrifice and hand over to them a better future”.