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Mistakes Most Ladies Make About Relationship


Mistakes Most Ladies Make
About Relationship

By Gracious Akintayo

Major reason you heard most ladies crying, complaining, condemning, lamenting, apportioning blames and saddened with words and expression like; “he breaks my heart”, “he jilted me”, “used and dumped me”, “cheated on me”, “disappointed me”, “ignored and turned me away”, “delayed and wasted my time”, etc., is not far fetched.

Many ladies suffer heartbreak, broken relationships, regrets, abuse and disappointment because they did not take time to know, study or understand who is an ideal man or what is the man philosophy before going into a relationship with a man. They are mostly anxious and swayed by immediate wants and only desperate after what he can do, give or offer. Even when the man doesn’t have genuine intention, life principle or manhood capacity.

Many are confused and mistake infatuation, manipulation, covetous, greed, fake appellation and emotion to be love, when actually they are lost in lust.

These are some things most women, especially young ladies, do not care to know, study or understand about a man, relationship and love they want.

They ignorantly set minds and target on material things with focus on physical attraction, looking for “an appearance of a nice, good looking and handsome man with social personality and carriage”, without consideration to good manners, godly virtue, character traits, life principle, purpose and passion as major factor of such man. 

They are quick and easily conclude with attraction eyes and emotional mind to enticement of “goodies” -self gains, pleasure and fun the relationship flashing at them, which they considered good enough to jump in without the second thought until the eventuality happen and reality of glitter is not gold dawn on them, then bitterness, sorrow and anger set in to make them sadist.

Such relationships always end in chaos, crisis and confusion with regrettable traits and depression.