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Man Marries When He is Ready! By Gracious Akintayo


Man Marries When He is Ready! By Gracious Akintayo

No matter your situation or past experience. You can still have a fairytale relationship and a beautiful marriage, if you choose to change your negative perspective and determine to be positive in your choice of relationship.

Men don’t settle down because of the right woman. They settle down because they are ready for it. And when the right woman is not ready, they go for who is ready and make her the right woman. Any woman a man is going out with, when he is ready, she will be the one he would settle down with, not necessarily the best or the prettiest, just the one who happened to be on the spot, show level of seriousness and ready to be the right woman.

Oftentimes, serious minded men always make their intentions clear from the beginning of the relationship. But, they will quietly be observing and studying the woman’s character, weakness and attitude if she’s fit to be a good partner, trusted companion, home builder, respectful and ready to learn.

For a woman that possesses the good character and quality of a man, not necessarily a perfect or best woman, which there’s none. The man would not need more than a year before he knows and decide if he want to marry the woman or not and anything outside that, without a clear goal is a journey of nowhere.

It’s not about how long or short the courtship is or what you do. It is more about who you are, your character, maturity and readiness. If he finds you interesting, charismatic and attractive. He will create the time and roadmap for you to marry him.

Stay love, be attractive to one another and flirt together

Two important decisions you have to take in life are; Who you should marry and who you should not marry? If you are not decisive, it will affect your choice of life partner.

Don’t be afraid of getting married. Marriage is not scary, marrying to the wrong partner makes it scary.

A wrong partner will not have respect for you, he will abuse and break you. He will become a threat to your life, discouragement and destruction to your dreams. And it is because you allowed it.

Marrying a wrong partner will reduce you to nothing and leave you distraught, heart broken and scarred for life. That is, if it does not end your life. You have to make the right choice, determine to make the relationship work and be ready for marriage.

You can’t claim to be a partner if you don’t have free access to each other, including your phones, not necessarily on the grounds of suspicion. Once the shreds of secrecy is allowed then so many things set in.

Marrying the wrong partner is what we should avoid and guide against. 

This is more reason we should sincerely commit our way and decisions to God before taking or making any move instead of leaning on our own way, desire and decision.