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He who finds a wife finds a good thing, And obtains favor from the LORD -Prov. 18:22.
Gracious Akintayo

“Who can find a virtuous wife? For her worth is far above rubies.” Prov. 31:10

Being virtuous implies: Understanding + Fear of God + Godliness + Industrious = JEWEL

Far above rubies means you can’t measure her marriageability by what she has in her account (the quality she possess inside and outside). Her work, colour of her skin (even if she’s drinking organic cream), shape of her body and scent of her perfume will continue oozing good.

Never look for a woman that is only attractive by outer appearance, fashion or make-up, there should be more inside to make beauty. Especially character, home training, upbringing, godliness and sincerity.

Marriage is an institution created by God based upon love, peace of mind and basis to ensure the continuity of marital relationship and fellowship.
It is meant to be enjoyed, peaceful without regrets. Not to be endure or manage with groaning, complain or pain.

Many married people are hoping or wishing to be single again so as to be able to make the right choice all over again.

If you choose right, you will enjoy it forever and you will have good report. But if you make a mistake, it can affect every other area of your life and you will live the rest of your life to regret it.

The type of woman you marry matters a lot. Beyond cooking for you, having sex and wearing uniform to public events, who you have in your life as your wife matters and determined a lot in your life and future endeavours.

The traditional concept makes marriage look like it’s all about food, sex and producing children.

It is a big favour of God if you a man could find and have an understanding, supportive and virtuous woman in his life.

For a man to achieve His desired dreams, goals and vision in life, who he marry matters a lot and will go a long way to make or mar his life.

Physical look and beauty is nothing. Shape and sexy figure is deceptive. A virtuous, godly and God fearing woman will not only help you in life more than the whole money in World Bank, she will support and encourage your vision, goals and dreams to succeed.

✓Do not marry to solve sexual appetite or overcome sexual immorality.
✓Do not marry to solve the problem of eating outdoors.
✓Do not marry to meet the expectations of your parents and friends.
✓Do not marry someone who loves her sisters than you, it is dangerous!
✓Do not marry as a result of resolving pregnancy issue.
✓Do not marry because others are getting married.
✓Do not marry if you are no adequately prepared, equipped and informed spiritually, emotionally and physically.
✓Do not marry to a lady who will multiply your confusion.

Look for a virtuous woman who can move your life forward and add virtue with value to your life and endeavours.

Look for a godly woman whose mouth and tongue have been purged of abuses, curses and gossips.

Look for a God fearing woman who will give you peace of mind, be your prayer partner and companion.

Look for an understanding woman who will defend, support and commit everything to you.

Look out for a lady who is marriageable and whose life is about to transform into womanhood.

Marry to a lady who is teachable, ready to learn, want to grow to be a mother indeed and home maker.
By wisdom, understanding and knowledge you’re sowing in her and your future, she can bail you out in your days of confusion.

Do a brief personal study on Proverbs 19:14.

Finally take this…

For you to be marry right as a young man, you will need to be very patient.

If you think marrying to a lady from a wealthy family or that is financial independent will solve all your problems and makes you happy. Be assured! Your life problems are just getting started with aftermath of unending crisis.

If you get married to a lady that just want to have it in her own way and method, you’re just in love with your headache.