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LIFE PURPOSE: By Gracious Akintayo




By Gracious Akintayo

Here we are, living on this beautiful earth with the gift of life and all nature is responsible for our living without wondering the cause.

Look at the Android or Smartphone in your hand, it is obvious that someone created it. Someone designed it, someone built it, someone sold it and someone purchased it, for a purpose. 

The world is far more complex and the Creator must have had incomprehensible power, intelligence, and wisdom for its purpose.

There must be a longing to who we are, why we are, where we are, what we are, when and how are we to live   or leave? To answer these questions, we must first discover the life purpose by going back to the Creator -the stem, root and the beginning of our existence.

Life’s purpose is not driven by ambition or physical pursuit. But driven by inner conviction in pursuit of excellence and satisfaction.

The most meaningful life and the greatest success in life is discovering and actualising your life purpose for an impactful living.

Until you discover your life purpose; no matter your possession, acquisition or achievements, your life is meaningless and has no direction.

Discovery of life purpose is the greatest key to a happy, impactful and fulfilled life. 

Life purpose is not measured or defined by wealth, riches or comfort; they are channels to actualising life purpose.

And, the costliest mistake in life is living without discovering a life purpose, while the most wasted life is a life not driven by a purpose.  


A life without a purpose or that has not discovered purpose, makes noise, full of negativity, not remorseful, easily give up, extravagant and not driven.

A life of purpose or that has discovered purpose is driven, focused and humble with the mindset of possibility, patience and perseverance.

You must discover and be driven by a purpose for an impactful and fulfilling life.