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Life Has Treated Me Well -Yinka Badejo


Life has treated me well -Rev. (Mrs.) Adeyinka BADEJO 


Briefly tell us about yourself 

I am Adeyinka Anike Badejo. I was born in Ibadan over 71 years ago into Ige family from Esa-Oke (in present Osun State). I grew up in a well rooted Christian family and monogamous home, my childhood was well guarded and my adult life was under a good parentage. I had my primary education in Ibadan and partly in Edo state (former mid-western state), My dad was an Agric officer at the Ministry of Agriculture. Due to his job, he was always on transfer and I have to follow him. As a result of that, I attended four primary schools between 1954 and 1958. Methodist Church School (1954 – 1956), Government Day primary School, Ihuwa, Esan division (1956 – 1957), ICC school of plantation and Ebenezer Anglican School, Ibadan (1958), when I have to stay with my grandmother to complete my primary education. 

After that I gained admission into Yetunde Girls Grammar School for my secondary education from 1962 – 1966 and later went to Holy Val Baptist High School for my Higher School Certificate. I work briefly at Nigeria Institute for Socio and Economic Research (NISER) Library, University of Ibadan before attending same University, where I studied Library Science (now Library Information). I graduated in 1975 and got married that same year. In other to equip myself in the knowledge of the word of God, I attended Foursquare (now Life) Theological Seminary, Ikorodu and obtained a degree in Theology.


How would you describe life?

Life has been very fair and very good. With my experiences in life, the ups and down, and short comings, generally, God has been good to me, in all areas. There were challenges, but those challenges have been stepped over. There are no more challenges around me, because I have live above them by the grace of God. That is why I can boldly say, life has treated me well and God have been good to me.


How was your growing up, your Christian life and the journey?

My growing up was comfortable and well being. It was fun and fantastic; all the same it was under a strict disciplinarian parents and Christian home that guided me. This really helped me a lot in life. We were taught how to be a good girl, a responsible lady, a hard working woman and a virtuous wife. I learnt the fear God, hard working and diligent from my parent. 


Compare between yesterday and today’s life? 

Bringing up a child in those days, is not just the duty of only the parents; the guidance, neighbors, relatives and everyone has an input in checking the behaviour of a child, when the parents are not around. But, it’s not the same again. Now, everyone is ‘you are on your own’. Nobody cares about anybody’s child and most parents today are chasing money rather than looking after their children wellbeing and development. That is why today, the society is filled with many irresponsible parents, no character value among children and parenting is now proxy by technology.

I was born into a Christian home and my parents are Anglican till they die. Even, when they gave their life to Christ, they remained Anglican. So, I was coming from a religious background, by the time I was in primary school, I was a little after nine and have already joined the church choir as a member, At Saint Jude’s Anglican Church Ibadan. Myself and my childhood friend Funke Famuyiwa (now Funke Alade), that was where our friendship started and we are still friends till date. 

In 1965, I had an encounter of meeting with Christ one-on-one at the student union girl’s camp, Igando, Oyo State. 

Those days there was no follow-up, after a while I backslides until I got to the University of Ibadan in 1971 and joined the IBCU, the University Hostel Union where I was restored back to faith, since then till now no going back and I give God all the glory. 



Can you recount any unforgettable life experience?

There are many unforgettable experiences. Most especially when I received the baptism of the Holy Spirit in 1972 at the University in Ibadan and when I had delayed birth after marriage, I held unto Christ, no medication and absolutely nothing. It is Christ Who did the operation and I was able to have children. 

Before marriage, I was already working, had my masters and single handedly organising crusade. And when I got married, I got involved with the women ministry, prison ministry and evangelism and holding different ministries and in 1989 and I become one of the first set of deacons and deaconesses to be ordained in Foursquare Gospel Church in Nigeria. 


How do you meet your husband, Rev. (Dr.) Wilson Badejo and what is the success secret of your marriage?

We met at the University of Ibadan, precisely at IBCU and both of us are members of Tuesday fellowship group and members of the choir that was how we met. Along the line, we became friends and got on talking. The rest is history of 45 years blissful journey together. The secret to our marriage success is that, we made up our minds that no matter the situation or circumstances, even in the face of storms, the marriage would work and not fail. Also, our love life is agape.


As a former G.O’s wife your hats were signature, what motivated the designs?

(Laughter) Growing up, we are used to wearing hats and high heels shoes as Christians, not for fashion, but to complete and compliment our dressing responsibly. Up till now, I still wear hats. There is nothing like intimidating hats or high heels, it has been part of me. That I was in the forefront as G. O’s wife and leader to other women then made many people noticed I always put on beautiful hats. A godly woman should dress beautifully and moderately to the glory of God. In those days I do put on earring and jewelries, but now make-up and jewelries are distraction to me.


What is your view on Christians fashion in the olden days compare to what we have today?

Personally, I love looking good and from my youth I have known to look good. But when I became Christian I put on godly taste. In the olden days, ladies are known with dresses like wearing hat or beret with beautiful gown that will cover your knee to church on Sundays and men in those days wears clean bears, unlike what we have today, when people dress to church as if going to club house or disco party. It is so bad that people have no regards to going to church dressing anyhow. Through dressing, you can know if someone reverences God and how spiritual discipline is such a person. In those days, you will be afraid and ashamed to dress anyhow to church, because, there was much fear of God and high rate spiritual discipline when going to church or fellowship. 

In those days we are taught that outward appearance is a word of grace to people out there to known what had taken place in your life. 


How should Christians dress differently from non-Christians?

It all depends on the degree of the womb or the larger part of the womb you give to Christ. If you give Him your whole womb you are putting on another creature, (1 John 2:15 – 17). There is no way you can have an encounter with Christ and be spirit-filled and still be dressing in worldly way. In Christian journey, you must have personal encounter not group therapy. Your personal encounter will determined your knowledge of Christ. 


What have been doing after leaving the office as G. O’s wife?

Ministry work is life assignment and service. You can be administratively retired, but you can’t be spiritually tired. Your service continues, if not in higher demand.

At present, I run a nondenominational prayer and counseling ministry, Dew of Heaven Ministries, it is majorly about women, those waiting on the Lord for the fruit of the womb. I have always have passion for women and children. I love babies even when as a child myself. 

I remember when growing up and my mother was giving birth to younger ones, I have an elder sister who is a professor now. She prefers house chores than carrying of babies, but for me, give me babies from morning till night I am okay, just nursing and taking care of them. The three younger sisters I have, I was more or less their baby nurse and the youngest of them is sixty now. 

When I gave my life to Christ the gift God gave me was to minister to women and children. When people start inviting me to minister at women program and as I grow with the experience of not having a child early, I develop a burden for women who believe God for the fruit of the womb or has no child. 

When we were at Yaba headquarter church before we became G.O, I was already ministering to those looking for the fruit of the womb and praying with them to encourage their faith. And when I resume office as G.O’s wife, I continue with the ministry. 

By the time we left as General Overseer, my interdenominational ministry started as prayer and counseling ministry. And it’s still functioning. It is not a church and no plan of making it a church. What we do is having mid-week fellowship and then monthly vigil for women looking for the fruit of the womb; we bring them together in fellowship to pray. 


What quality should a woman possess to be a good wife?

The love of God! Let them love God passionately and they would love their husband and children. Without the love of God, no one can claim to love. When you love God, you will love people around you, whether they are related or not. If you love the Lord you will raise your children properly in the way of the Lord and they will also love God. 

When you love your husband you will learn to understand and tolerate his weakness because you have your own weakness too, you are not perfect. With the love of God you are able to overcome many things and it will be easy for you to forgive and forget. If you love your husband you don’t need to be disrespectful or not submissive to him, neither do you have to pack out from the house because of a strange woman. All you need to do is to go to your first love, God, on your knees in prayers, commit your home and husband into His hand, then wait and see if, He will not take it up and turn it around with His love. Women should know that, their marriage is a covenant between them, their husband and God. No matter what happen, as long as it does not affect taking of life, remain in your marriage. Women should be help-meet indeed for their husband. Rather than dwelling on his weaknesses, be prayerful and focus on his strength. They should always focus on God and not their challenges, even the child has not come. 


What should be done to bring value back into marriage?

A lot can be done, if people are willing to obey God. Remember marriage is God’s idea, not man’s idea, and He has set up His own standard for marriage and in His standard, there is nothing like divorce or separation. So if you choose to follow God’s standard He will give you the grace. If you want to follow the ways of the world the doors are open, but to follow the ways of God, the door are closed.

People should embrace the word of God on issue of marriage. In Mathew 19, when people were confused about marital issues during their rapour with Jesus and saying the law of Moses says we can divorce at the slightest provocation. Jesus answered and told them, “It wasn’t so from the beginning, but the wickedness of your heart made Moses gave you the law”. Some men will say thank God, He didn’t make me a woman, because at the back of their mind women are nothing, but their house maid. That was not the original plan of God, the original was in Gen.1:27-28. “He who made them in the beginning made them male and female and He gave both of them the dominion mandate”.

That is why if you follow the epistle of Paul, he says, husband and wife submit to one another, wife submits to your husband and husbands love your wives. That was why a man must leave his father and mother and cleave to his wife. 

The original mathematics of marriage is one plus one equal to one. And the bible says, “And both of them are naked and they are not ashamed”. 

Many marriage and homes are not playing the game according to God’s standard and to save the institution and salvage the situation every man should go back to the Bible standard and that is where there is eternity. There are many women who says no beaten or no divorce can drive them out of their home because they are child of God. But a man can divorce you without sending you out of the house. You may be living in the house, but he has nothing to do with you mean, you are already out of his spirit. Couple must work hard on their marriage to bring back the value. Don’t compare your spouse with another person, be satisfied with whom God has given you and diligently allow God and His word to be your guide and standard.

God said it was not good for the man to be alone. What played in 1 John 2:17-18, was first played in Genesis 3:1-6. The man will give an account, because in the Garden of Eden it was the man God gave the authority. Satan is still playing with the looking of the eye and the lust of the flesh is already taken place.


What is your take on Christian women going into politics?

There is no way you can do politics and gospel of the word together. You have to leave one for another, they can’t go together and you can’t serve two masters at the same time. If you want to go into politics go that way and if you want to remain with the gospel of the word, you have to take a stand and be focus. For you to be mounting the pulpit and claimed you are into the ministry and at the same time into politics, is not possible, you are doing yourself no good. Truth is, you can’t serve God and mammon.


What would you want to be remembered for?

The impacts God had used me to make in the life of the people, especially the compassion for women seeking the face of God for fruit of the womb and, conflict marriage and relationship God has used me to restore. 


What are your hobbies and how do you relax?

I love shopping locally and internationally. I love entertaining guests and watching television. I love cooking and listening to music. Though, I study and pray, I don’t read all the time.