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Lessons from the Lazarus Narrative (Part 5) By Babatunde Olugboji


Lessons from the Lazarus Narrative (Part 5) By Babatunde Olugboji

As we continue with the narrative of the death and resurrection of Lazarus in John 11 this week, the first thing we should note is that God will give you a miracle when you identify the spot where you took a wrong turn. Remember, Lazarus was sick, ended up dying, even after his sisters, Mary, and Martha, sent for Jesus. 

Jesus is telling someone as you read KDW this week, ‘I can’t give you a miracle until you lead me to the spot when your faith gave up. Show me the spot where you used to worship me day and night. What turned you into a spectator instead of being a participator. Lead me to the spot where you got busy with the work of the Lord but forgot about the Lord of the work. Who hurt you so bad that you stopped worshipping me.’

Jesus told Martha when He arrived at their home: I AM the resurrection and the life. If you believe in Me you will live, even though you die; and if you live by believing in Me, you will never die. He was, in other words, asking the sisters, do you believe that I can do the impossible? Jesus, deeply moved, came to the tomb. It was a cave with a stone laid across the entrance. “Take away the stone,” He instructed. 

This week, whatever you have been covering, it is time to come clean, it is time to confess to God and be transparent. Martha told Jesus, before I take away the stone, I’ve got a confession. By this time there is a bad odor, for my brother has been there four days. His body is stinking. This is not my brother whom you loved.

Another thing to note is that resurrection is superior to life. Jesus told Martha: The stench doesn’t bother me, I am the resurrection and the life, not only life. Resurrection is superior to life, if I give you life you can die but if I give you resurrection you will never die. 

Can you join me in thanking God for being the kind of God who is not intimidated, who is not overwhelmed, unsettled, or overawed by my stench, my putrefying odor. Even when He had to clean me up, He did not give up on me, when I was in the mud He lifted me up and place me in the kingdom of His dear son. He saved a wretch like me, Lord! I don’t deserve all this kindness.

God would walk you to the place where you quit believing, even when it is stinking really bad, where you have been abused, misused, and harassed, and pull you out. You may not want God to see how bad it really is, you may not want him to see your flaws, you failure, but he already knows, and he wants to help you. There is no one else but God who will stoop low to your level to deliver you. 

To be continued.

Have a great week.

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