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Laying the Foundation for 2023


Laying the Foundation for 2023

Therefore thus saith the Lord GOD,

Behold, I lay in Zion for a foundation a stone, a tried stone, a precious cornerstone, a sure foundation: he that believeth shall not make haste”. (Isaiah 28:16)

The foundation of every structure determines the height and robustness of the structure and how far a man stand strong go will be determined by the foundation upon which he built. 

In the light of the word of God, prophetic words have been released and spoken through many vessels of God. It is important for every believer to understand that, the prophetic word of God is to give us direction, keep us focused and empower us to actualise all we intend to be and there’s nothing we desire, plan and expect to be without laying proper foundation.

In the spirit of getting better prepared and equipped for the actualisation and manifestation of prophetic words; church workers and ministers, ministry and church leaders, general overseers and missionaries are invited to attend as participants at the 2023 Joint Christian Ministers Crusade (JCMC) Fresh Fire Conference holding at Alpha Mission Garden (Prayer Garden), Korobo Village, Ibadan, Oyo State from Tuesday 3rd to Friday 6, January, 2023. 

The 4 days conference and camping retreat is packaged to prepare and lay solid foundation for prophetic words and other expected exploits in the kingdom for the year 2023. 

According to the convener of the annual Fresh Fire Conference and president of JCMC, Rev. David K. Aboderin, he said, there will be outpouring of the spirit of God for uncommon exploits and giant strides in year 2023 at the conference that will have powerful morning and impacting evening sessions with presence of leading and respected conference speakers from different ministries across the country.

“During the conference, the Lord will mightily visit His people and impact them for the great task ahead and by the end of the conference, every participant’s life and ministries shall not remain the same in the year 2023. Ways and doors will be open and limitations with stagnation coming to an end”, he stated.

Rev. Aboderin called on ministers of the gospel irrespective of their ministerial callings and denomination to attend the fresh fire conference and camp retreat. “With present situation of our general society and in Christendom, there’s a need for us, especially as Christians, church leaders and ministers to refire and recharge for the task ahead”, he said.