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LAPO Founding Board Chair Receives LOWLA Lifetime Award


LAPO Founding Board Chair Receives LOWLA Lifetime Award 

Mrs. Osar-Emokpae Enoma Imose recently received the esteemed Lifetime Achievement Award at the 12th LAPO Outstanding Women Leadership Award (LOWLA) ceremony in Benin, Edo State. This recognition was conferred on her by the Lift Above Poverty Organization (LAPO) in honour of her exceptional contributions to Nigerian society. 

Mrs. Osar-Emokpae holds the notable position of being the inaugural Board Chairperson of LAPO NGO, a distinction that undoubtedly played a pivotal role in her receipt of the distinguished Lifetime Award.

Pastor (Mrs.) Enoma Imose Osar-Emokpae

Mrs. Osar-Emokpae Enoma Imose, a distinguished linguist, is an alumna of the Haggai Institute in Hawaii, USA. In addition to having pursued academic endeavours at the University of Oxford and Cranfield University in the United Kingdom. Her educational journey also includes studies at the University of Benin and the University of Lagos in Nigeria.

She is an alumna of APCON (now ARCON), graduating as the best student in Advertising Strategy in the Advertising Academy. Seeking to further develop her expertise, she underwent specialized training in Mobile Advertising in South Africa. Subsequently, she assumed the inaugural CEO position at Commutanet Ltd in Lagos. During her tenure, she spearheaded the introduction of Wrap Around Mobile Advertising, a pioneering concept within the Nigerian advertising industry.

She served as a co-founder of Pertcom and Partners, a company engaged in logistics, security, marketing, and advertising. This venture has transformed into Havilah Open Door Limited, now employing close to 6,000 individuals.

She is currently the Deputy Chair of Havilah Open Door Limited, a prominent player in the industry, known for its innovative solutions and commitment to excellence. With a diverse team of dedicated professionals, the company continues to thrive and expand its reach globally through strategic partnerships and a focus on sustainability, Havilah Open Door Limited has set new standards for success in the fields of security, marketing, and advertising and education.

As a leader in the market, the company remains dedicated to empowering its employees and creating opportunities for growth and development. With a strong foundation and a vision for the future, Havilah Open Door Limited is poised to continue its legacy of success for years to come.

Mrs. Osar-Emokpae Enoma Imose is the co-founder of the ED-JOHN Institute of Management & Technology, previously known as Philips Business School. Under the Philips Business School, she oversaw specialized training programs designed for high-ranking executives and Chief Executive Officers (CEOs). Significantly, a considerable number of current managers within LAPO have benefited from the advanced executive education. ED-JOHN Institute of Management and Technology today offers accredited courses, awarding National Diplomas, as well as a variety of business and executive programs in Nigeria.

Mrs. Osar-Emokpae Enoma Imose has also dedicated years as a missionary, focusing on missions, church planting, helping the underprivileged, and empowering youth for a more equitable world.

Recently, she was appointed as the senior pastor at Foursquare Gospel Church Macedonia Assembly in Dallas, USA. She is also the wife of the president/CEO/National Leader of the Foursquare Church in Trinidad and Tobago. 

She actively serves as a missionary, advocate, and Deputy Chair of Havilah Open Door Limited.

Her inspiration to showcase the importance of a lifelong pursuit of knowledge in one’s chosen field has led to her current project and passion which involves collaborating with fellow Nigerians and the global community to preserve the Edo Language from the threat of extinction.