Home News Church Kumuyi Corrects Certain Mode of Prayer, …..advises against idolatry

Kumuyi Corrects Certain Mode of Prayer, …..advises against idolatry


Kumuyi Corrects Certain Mode of Prayer, …..advises against idolatry

The global acknowledged and respected Nigerian holiness and Christian living standard preacher, Pastor Williams F. Kumuyi, the General Superintendent of Deeper Christian Life Ministry in one of his message, has corrected certain mode or approach some Christian apply to prayer.

Pastor Kumuyi made it known that those approach or mode could prevent bigger opportunity or hinder their prayers, as others may dislike or contrarily dissatisfied with their mode of the prayer.

He frowned at Christians who pray without saying anything or with understanding other than make noise or give instructional prayer, such as “like frogs or toads”, to God.
Kumuyi chastised and questioned, “is that the way we talk to our biological father at home, when you need something or anything?”

Kumuyi admonished believers saying, mannerism and action in prayers will shows the level of seriousness to get things from God.

In a related message, Pastor Kumuyi advised Christians to leave their Church If the church practice idolatry and warned about the dangers of Idolatry. He urged Christians to exalt God in their lives than any other thing.

Reading from 2 Chronicles 11: 15 -16, Kumuyi berated churches that practices any form of idolatry and said, the tribes of Israel left Israel to Judah when King Jeroboam institutionalized Idolatry at all levels. “Anyone who attends a church where they worship any kind of idols can follow the examples of the tribes in Israel”.

Possibly, you attend a church where they talk about Jesus, talk about the Bible and you know they are worshipping idols and they are not really standing by the Bible and the word of God, we are commanded to follow the example, he suggested the Christian to leave the church.

Kumuyi admonished, “anywhere idolatry is practice and they are exalting the creature above the creator; darkness has taken over light; they are compromising the true gospel. Such person should leave that church and join a Bible believing church.

He further gave the reason why christians should not go to church and forget all they are taught. He said, “after every church service, a Christian is expected to meditate on the word and what they are taught and do all they are asked to do. Unfortunately some fail to put these into practice”, he lamented.

Quoting from Luke 12: 47, Kumuyi said, “And that servant, which knew the Lord’s will and prepared not himself, neither did according to his will, shall be beaten with many stripes”.

He appealed to christians and church leaders on this issue and said, “I can’t imagine seeing a believer or a christian who hear the word of God frequently as they read the Bible from Genesis to Revelation and must have known the will of God, the mind of God and what He wants them to do, but forget and refused to do them. Such Christian, he said, will be beaten with stripes according to the Bible.

People who attend church programmes and services and jot down messages and prayed about everything they heard and even made covenant with God on what they will do but day after, they forgot, they also will be beaten with stripes.

He pleaded, “we all know the will of God and it is expected of us to do it to avoid the judgement of God. The only thing that we can do to avoid His beaten with stripes and His judgement, is to do His will”, he said.