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JCMC Strengthens Church Leaders and Workers For Effective Ministry Work, … called for fresh fire By Gracious Akintayo


JCMC Strengthens Church Leaders and Workers For Effective Ministry Work, … called for fresh fire By Gracious Akintayo

The 11th edition of annual Joint Christian Ministers’ Crusade (JCMC) Fire Conference and Retreat held at the RCCG House of Favour, Ogun State Province 4 headquarters, Redemption Camp along Lagos-Ibadan expressway from Monday 10 till Thursday 13 January, 2022 with the theme, “The Burning and Shining Light”, was an atmosphere and environment of rekindling the power of God for impact on participants.

Rev. Emiko Amotsuka and Dr. David K. Aboderin: Father’s fathering and fatherhood example

The 4 days annual retreat was powerfully packaged and well organized to spiritually equip, educate and empower participants from across the country, also from some West African countries for the purpose of spiritual renewal, revival and revelation through fellowship, prayers and seminars.

L-R: Pastor Femi Emmanuel (Guest Speaker), Dr. David K. Aboderin (Convener/President, JCMC), Rev. (Mrs.) Kike Aboderin, Archbishop John Osa-Oni (PFN Nat. VP & Guest Speaker), Rev. Toyin Kehinde (Guest) at JCMC 2022 Fire Conference held at Redemption Camp

The conference strengthened participants, especially ministers of God, church leaders and workers, and corporate executives who desired an environment and atmosphere to sharpen their strength for the ministerial work ahead.

Dr. David Odi and Pastor Sola Adewunmi speaking respectively

Respected men of God and revered conference speakers from diverse ministerial and professional background were guest speakers and facilitators at the conference, among who are Archbishop John Osa-Oni, Rev. Emiko Amotsuka, Pastor Sola Adeyeye, Pastor Femi Emmanuel, Dr. Godwin Nwachukwu, Rev. Isaac Omolehin, Pastor Sola Adeyeye, Pastor Akinlolu Raphael, Dr. David Odi, Rev. (Mrs.) Mary Oluwatumbi, Rev. (Mrs.) Kike Aboderin, Evang. Samson Gbeke, Bishop Chanaza Anya, Bishop Heavens Israel Aigbe and many others who spoke and facilitated different sections of the conference workshop and seminar.

Women Group Seminar

The conference also experienced soulful and inspiring music ministry with Dr. Faith Ajiboye leading with Sharon G, Psalmist Adeolu and Emmanuel Akinloye who at different times lead the participants into powerful worship, praises and hymnal songs.

Another group of seminar

Other activities during the annual Fresh Fire Conference includes, women empowerment and youth rally programme.

Some participating youths

Meanwhile, in his welcome address, the President of Joint Christian Ministers Crusade (JCMC) and Convener of the conference, Dr. David Kayode Aboderin said, the retreat theme, The Burning and Shining Light, was in reference to John the Baptist (John 5:35) preparing the way for the Messiah, but he couldn’t have been able to achieve that without a burning heart for God.

Some participants

“The effect that initiates shining is burning for Our Lord Jesus and He has commanded that we must let our light shine so the world can behold His glory”, he said.

L-R: Pastor & Pastor (Mrs.) Akinlolu Raphael, Dr. D. K Aboderin, Rev. Isaac Omolehin, Rev. (Mrs.) Kike Aboderin and Rev. Emiko Amotsuka

Dr. Aboderin speaking on the aim of the annual Fresh Fire retreat, said, JCMC always planned the retreat for the beginning of the Year, to re-equip all leaders, and refresh each one in God’s awesome presence. For each labourer to receive a new understanding of the ministry work, and revelation from God for the great assignment ahead in the new year.

JCMC Women empowerment and development

“In view of God’s expectation from the church, particularly the leaders, ministers of God and church workers must partake of the blessing God has prepared to better our chances of changing our nation and affect the world”, he charged.

Pastor Akinlolu Raphael and Pastor Sola Adeyeye speaking respectively at the conference

The Joint Christian Ministers Crusade (JCMC ) vision is to jointly take the land for the Lord Jesus Christ and to spread its tentacles to many parts of the country to empower and re-tool the body of Christ. Also to encourage coming together of all denominations in the body of Christ, to work together for the purpose of revival and evangelism of seeing the light of the gospel shining in every nook and cranny of our nation and beyond.

Evang Samson Gbeke ministering with Pastor Tunji Olubayo

Through the vision of JCMC, which is to jointly take the land for the Lord Jesus, JCMC has spread its tentacles to many states of Nigeria, empowering and re-tooling members of the body of Christ. We also encourage the coming together of all denominations in the Church of Christ, to work together for revival and evangelism.

Registration and information officer’s desk

Dr. Aboderin called on church leaders, ministers and christians to ensure they establish their influence, exert authority and work tirelessly to avoid any form of distractions and discouragement to be a burning and shining light they are called and ordained to be.

President/Convener, Joint Christian Ministers Crusade (JCMC) Annual Fresh Fire Conference, Dr. David Kayode & Rev. (Mrs.) Kike Aboderin