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Interesting Revelation About The Month of APRIL By Gracious Akintayo


Interesting Revelation About The Month of APRIL By Gracious Akintayo

Every month of the year is significant and important according to their peculiarity. But the month of APRIL is more significant and strategically positioned than every other month.

April is a spiritual and prophetic month FULL of God’s Blessings with demonstration and manifestation of outstanding miracles and mysteries of God’s power, grace, deliverance, salvation, resurrection, restoration, redemption, recovery, reformation with promises for a new beginning.

Known as 4th month in the Gregorian calendar and more synonymous with Easter Season (a time of marking the end of 40 days fasting; eating of the Last Supper, betrayal night, arrest, beating, persecution, suffering, crucifixion, death and burial with resurrection and ascension of the Lord Jesus Christ). 

APRIL, also known as Abib in Hebrew, was the First Month Of The Year; as divinely ordered, pronounced and declared by God. 

It was mentioned 16 times at different occurrences in the Old Testament than any other month as the first month of the year in the course of major occasions that took place in the Bible and repeatedly confirmed in the New Testament. 

Most of all activities the Lord Jesus Christ went through (the betrayal, arrest, suffering, persecution, crucifixion, death and burial) are one day experience He encountered between the night of 14th day and morning of 15th of April before His crucifixion on the cross at the eventide and burial on the same night of 15th with eventual risen on the third day, the 17th of April.

In the Old Testament, the period of unleavened bread God commanded the children of Israel to observe (Lev. 23: 5-6) was in April and the night that Jesus took the Last Supper (Communion) with His disciples was same time in April (Luke 22: 7 – 20; 1Cor. 11: 23 – 25). 

Also, April 14th was the day the Israelites marked their door post with the blood before the plague began the following day of 15th April

Interestingly, the month of April remains the most significant spiritual month in the history of the Bible.

Notable Biblical occurrence in the month of APRIL are;

  1. The drying of the flood after 150 days in the ship (Gen. 8: 13)
  2. God declared the month of April as the first month of the year. (Exod. 12: 2)
  3. First redemption through the sign of blood. (Exod. 12: 6 – 10)
  4. Children of Israel came out of Egypt. (Exod. 13: 4; Deut. 16: 1) 
  5. The crossing of River Jordan (Josh. 4: 19)
  6. Celebration of the feast (Lev. 23: 5 – 6; Num. 28: 16 – 17; 1Cor. 11: 23 – 25)
  7. Miriam died in the desert of Zin. (Num. 20: 1)

April can summarily be defined as divine and natural beautiful, colourful and royalty month of new beginning and opening with diamond character.

Biblical order of the months before the present Gregorian calendar;

  1. April               –  Gen. 8:13; Lev. 23:5
  2. May                –  Num. 1:1; 9:11
  3. June                –  1Chr. 27:5
  4. July                –  2Kngs. 25:3
  5. August           –  2Kngs. 25:8
  6. September      –  1Chr. 27:9
  7. October          –  Lev. 23: 24; 25:9
  8. November      –  1Kngs. 6:38
  9. December      –  1Chr. 27:12
  10. January         –  2Kngs. 25:1 
  11. February       –  Deut. 1:3
  12. March           –  2Kngs. 25:27

Why April 1st was Labeled Fool’s Day

After shifting to the Gregorian calendar, many people refused to shift and gave up the old tradition but continued celebrating 1st April as New Year’s Day. 

When King Gregory’s order was not working, he issued a royal dictum, stating that those who celebrate 1st April as the New Year Day would be labeled as fools. Since then, 1st April, the Divinely pronounced and ordained New Year Day has been labeled Fool’s Day.