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Take Away: By Rev. Femi Adepoju

  •  In all that you do, there is what you must not do that makes what you do works.
  •  Until you give your leftovers, you will never have your overflow.
  • Your crisis is not for your pain but for your knowledge and breakthrough.
  • When money becomes your focus you will miss God.
  • God teaches how to make money, Satan teaches how to steal money.

KINGDOM REALITIES: By Rev. Sunday Balogun

In life people are led by different things.

✓Some are led by anger.

✓Some Greed.

✓Some Regret.

✓Some Fears.

✓Some Friends.

✓Some Hunger.

✓Some Religion.

✓Some Common Sense.

✓Some Jealousy.

✓Some Selfishness.

✓Some Past.

✓Some Sadness.

✓Some Materialism. Etc.

✓So, the question is, who or what is leading you?

✓The only reliable way to be led is by the Spirit of God. Romans.8:14

Rev. Sunday Balogun is of This Same Jesus World Outreach is a Nigerian missionary at Obuasi, Ghana.