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How To Have A Good Marriage! By Gracious Akintayo


How To Have A Good Marriage! By Gracious Akintayo

The younger generations planning to marry should not rush into marriage, they should know what they are looking for in a marriage, why they are getting married and who they are getting married to?

Attraction, emotion and love is not enough to rush into marriage. There’s a need for basic understanding, knowledge and conviction to build the needed capacity before going into marriage.

There’s no manual or a particular arrangement for marriage other than God’s standard and guidance through the infallible word of God. They should be adequately informed, equipped and well prepared emotionally, spiritually, physically, ideologically and financially before going into marriage.

They should not allow anyone to push or wrongly influence them into marriage without knowledge, self conviction and understanding. 

As a matter of fact, they should develop and cultivate friendship, bonding and understanding, because love is not enough and it is not possible to meet a lady one day and say you want to marry her the same day. First, you have to be open to each other and not pretend. Be a team player and each other’s friend. 

Money is important, but it is not everything and should not be the priority or yardstick of marriage. It is important and expedient to plan your lives, pray over it and pursue it together in unity of the spirit with the communion of God to balance your marriage and home.

Marriage is for a matured mind that is ready to motivate, manage and mentor their spouse as a friend, partner, cheerleader, companion and parent.

People’s experience, exposure and expectations are different and should not be a determining factor for others. Everyone’s expression is based on their encounter and understanding.

Marriage is tasking with challenges, demands and sacrifice. But, it becomes easy and enjoyable when you understand one another and create the atmosphere and enabling environment of attention, affection, devotion, communication and respect for one another.

The best part of marriage is when couples discover, appreciate, respect, value and support one another’s personality and purpose without acrimony, complaints, competition and differences, but complimenting and celebrating one another. They will be strongly bonded and synergized to enjoy their union and successfully attain their goals.