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How Boy Born Blind Received A Miracle -E. A Adeboye


How Boy Born Blind Received A Miracle  -E. A Adeboye

In one of his ministries, the General Overseer of Redeemed Christian Church of God (RCCG), Pastor E. A. Adeboye narrated a story that happened in 1980 to encourage some people.

God gave me a vision about a boy born blind. Not Knowing that the boy was in another town where I was to minister next.

We were having programmes of this nature in several places at the same time in Nigeria. And I was going from town to town supervising to make sure everything is in order. And I was preaching in a town called “Warri”. 

As I was preaching, suddenly, with my eyes wide open, I saw what they call an open vision. In that vision, I saw a young boy who was born blind, receiving his sight.

Talking of 1980,  you will know how young I must be then. I wasn’t quite as mature as I am now. So I didn’t wait for God to give me the details of the vision before I jumped. There is somebody here, there’s a young boy, blind, God wants to open your eyes.. come quickly!

Nobody moved. I know what I saw. Ah, maybe your son and he’s at home. Go and bring him quickly, I will wait, God wants to open his eyes today. Nobody moved. And I know my God doesn’t lie.

So I said, Okay, I will wait for one hour after the service. Maybe you don’t want to miss what’s going on now, after the service I will wait one hour, go home, go and bring the boy. Nobody moved. 

Very sadly, after one hour, I left Warri for Akure, which was my next station. Very sad thinking we had lost a miracle. We got to Akure late because I was waiting for the boy. So somebody else was preaching by the time I arrived. And I sat at the back of the auditorium watching what was going on.

All of a sudden while the sermon was going on. An elderly man got up. And he had a young boy in his hand. And they began to move towards the altar. And I saw that boy, Ah, that was the boy I saw. 

Physically speaking, I’ve never had contact with them. But the boy was born blind. And the father was taking him forward. He was tired of the preaching “just pray for my son”.

As he was going forward. You know, the big men who stand before the altar, I knew that they were going to say no, no, you can’t  go to the altar when the preacher is preaching. So they were about to move towards them. 

So I began to run to say to them, please don’t push them into the crowd. That is the boy I saw, that boy is about to receive a miracle. I was running and the boy had my footsteps and turned and as he turned his eyes open. 

Nobody prayed for him. No human being touched him physically. 

But God touched him and change his darkness to light. 

He went on to pray, somebody today, nobody is going to touch you. Nobody’s going to pray for you but your darkness will be changed to light in Jesus name.