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He is Worthy of Praise -Babatunde Olugboji


He is Worthy of Praise  -Babatunde Olugboji

Even though we are still in September, it seems like the year 2020 is slowly but inexorably crawling towards the end. With Covid-19 and its attendant impact, the lockdown, the disruption, economic and health challenges, this year will never be like any other year.

But here we are, still standing, despite all the vicissitudes of 2020, with all the commotion going on around us, the Lord, for reasons known only to him, has kept us. Whatever the devil planned has not come to pass, and it will surely not come to pass.

This week, may I submit that we should give a little bit more praise to our father in heaven. Psalm 103 admonishes us to praise the Lord earnestly, articulating at least 6 reasons (below) to do so, reminding us not to forget God’s benefits, as we have the predilection to do.

1. He provides all kind of benefits.
2. He forgives all our sins.
3. He heals all our diseases.
4. He redeemed us from the pit.
5. He crowns us with love and compassion.
6. He satisfies our desires with good things so that our youth is renewed like the eagle’s.

Our God that daily loads us with benefits is worthy of our praise. Our God who forgives our sins and intentionally says I will overlook them, and it will be as if you never sinned is worthy of our praise. Our God, who is our healer, is worthy of our praise. Our God who brought us from the pit of darkness and places us in his marvelous light is worthy of our praise. Our God who crowns our head with love and compassion is worthy of our praise. Our God who satisfies our desires, supplying all our needs with good things in a way that our youth is renewed like the eagle’s is worthy of our praise.

If the only thing you can do this week is to lift up his holy name and thank him for his mercies and protection, that would be enough. Thank God for not giving up on you, thank him for healing, for his abundance, for answered prayers, for his touch, for all that he has done for you. Look back to the beginning of the pandemic around March and count the huge number of people who have died from Covid-19. But you are still here on this side of the divide.

pThere was the story of a top Tennis player who a while ago was attacked by an intruder in her home somewhere in Europe. The intruder gained access to her apartment by posing as a utilities man before pulling out a knife and putting it to her throat. As she pulled the knife away, she suffered damage to the tendons of her fingers, and nerves in her left hand. The injuries she sustained were potentially career-threatening because her left hand is her dominant hand, with which she holds the racket. After a 4-hour surgery, she said just being able to move the fingers on her left hand again was “the greatest Christmas present I could have wished for.”

Many of us are agonizing over what we didn’t have, when this woman was grateful for just being able to move her fingers. Will you praise God this week for all the great things he has done for you?