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Good News is a Catalyst – Bishop Steven Ogedengbe


Good News is a Catalyst – Bishop Steven Ogedengbe

The presiding bishop of Evangelical Ministries (Wisdom Chapel), Bishop Steven Ogedengbe has described good news as a catalyst. “Good news is a powerful agent or chemistry of positive change that causes things to happen”, he said.

Speaking at the first day of the church 26th annual convention themed, “Good News”, Bishop Ogedengbe attributes bad news to sorrow, sadness and poverty. Quoting Philippians 4: 4 with other scriptures to buttress his points, he admonished people to rejoice always, no matter their circumstances and the situation they found themselves in. “Most especially, rejoice with others when they are progressing, celebrate people when they are elevated and be joyful when you hear good news about others. The reason why witchcraft doesn’t prosper is because they don’t rejoice in the good news, but bad news”, he said.

Good news is also an activation of God to use anyone or thing and cause a change or turnaround of life. Never underrate or envy anyone, you can still be better than others and don’t pretend happiness of good news, but heartedly rejoice and be real in joy with other people’s good news and success. “The happiness of a drunkard is artificial and limited. It is never permanent and lasts long. When the drink is cleared on him, he will revert to his former self of sadist”.

Once you don’t rejoice in the Lord always, you can’t be happy in prayer and your prayer will be leaking, lacking the fragrance to attract the presence of God. Sometimes people are complaining, crying and confused, not knowing that, they should rejoice at the good news that God has already done that they are complaining, crying and confused about. 

While lamenting how bad news spreads far and sells fast, he said, good news is sometimes very costly and scarce, but, “buy the truth and sell it not”, he charged. 

Bishop Ogedengbe went prophetic and declared,” enough is enough of bad news in the life, ministry, career, business, goals, aspiration and family life of everyone. May you be at the right place at the right time to receive good news”, he prayed.

Bishop Steve & Rev. (Mrs.) Peace Ogedengbe, General Overseer/Senior Pastor, Evangelical Ministries (Wisdom Chapel)/Host

Other guest speakers during the one week convention that also features healing service, empowerment and thanksgiving, are Archbishop John Adebayo Osa-Oni, Bishop Tom Samson, Bishop Theophlous Ajose, Pastor (Ms) Janie Foy (from US) and Rev. (Mrs.) Peace Ogedengbe.