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God’s LOVE Vs Humans Love! By Gracious Akintayo


God’s LOVE Vs Humans Love! By Gracious Akintayo

At my devotional time this morning, this topic was dropped into my heart, I opened up my spirit and the word rolled in. Like a torrent of rain, the Holy Spirit began to minister to me on this. I spent time meditating on it, it humble and ministers to me, and I felt sharing with you.

Greater love has no one than this…(John 15:13); While we were still a sinner,….(Romans 5:8), A new commandment have I given unto you….(John 13:34), Love is patient, kind….(1Cor. 13:1) and, For God so love the world, the He gave….(John 3:16).

Love is not emotion, expectation or condition; love is giving, sacrifice and demands.

To be in love, you don’t have to put a price tag, set a condition or have an expectation of returns. By human standards, no one is in any way qualified or worthy of one another’s love. Because, our knowledge, exposures, styles and tastes are differ and at no time the same. If you want to be in love or in love, be genuine, sincere and honest, this is what builds compatibility, understanding,  harmony and relationship. 

Love is not evaluation or perfection you try to evaluate or perfect by your own thinking or standard. It is not being nice, good, judgemental, conditional or one sided. It is a free expression of godly virtues with acceptance, concerns and affection for one another without any attachment or tag.

Love expression with a tag, motives, ego, expectations and conditions is not love, but purposed likeness or interest for returns by systemic trade by barter.

Love is a task for charting a new course, changing of attitudes, exchange of ideas and expression of concerns for one another without premodials or hoping to get anything back. 

Love costs precious time, energy and resources for the well being of others. It comes from God and naturally designed to last. It is a motion, open and reliable, worth going deep for.

No matter the cost, sacrifice or damages that had been done in the name of love, we are not complete without it.

God created us with the need to feel, to touch and be emotional. No one can express fears of being in love or pretend not to want to be in love.

If you keep denying yourself of love, you will not enjoy good relationships and experience a healthy heart.

Don’t be scared to love or admit you want love. If you are overwhelmed and can’t express your love to others, go to God who beautifully and wonderfully created you for His love to be rooted, established and fruitful in you that you may be a good ground of love.

We all need love and want to be loved. We desire love and want to feel love. Love is a free gift and love is life!