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God’s Anointing is Not about Shouting, Sweating and Titles – Apostle Moses Olugbaro


God’s Anointing is Not about Shouting, Sweating and Titles – Apostle Moses Olugbaro 

The General Overseer of Liberation Christian Life Ministry, Ikorodu, Apostle Moses Olugbaro has said, “this is the season and time Divinity visits humanity and humanity visits Divinity. The time to reflect and evaluate ourselves, families, the church and the nation, if what we are doing is still in line and in accordance to the pattern of God for us.” Apostle Olugbaro, who is also the Provincial Chairman, PFN Ikorodu Province made this known while speaking to declare open, the 26th annual convention and anniversary of the church tagged, Liberation 2023 with the theme, “The Anointing ”.  “This period is also a special time of refreshing, encounter and visitation from God.  A time God is interested and ready to deliver His people from the bondages of sins, yokes and difficult situations”, he said.

Apostle (Dr.) Moses & Pastor (Mrs.) F. Olugbaro, the General Overseer & host, Liberation Christian Life Ministry, Liberation Christian Church), Ikorodu, Lagos.

Quoting the scriptures, he admonished people to remain steadfast and not be afraid of the Assyrians who represent the enemies of progress and life development through bad situations, circumstances, problems and trouble that surround people. “The word of God will still come to pass. But, as people, we should believe every prophetic word of God that is written, revealed and spoken”.

Apostle & Pastor (Mrs.) Olugbaro with members of the Church choir

The Bible from Genesis to Revelation proved that, God is the greatest liberator of people and He is still interested in liberating His people from bondage. Even when man sin and disobeyed God, He still gives His only begotten son as a sacrifice to save His people. “People should make themselves available for the presence of God so that His perfect ways will be done in our lives. God is a God of pattern, He already patterned us the way He wanted us to live and be liberated from sins and our situations, same way He gave Moses, the pattern of how he would build the tabernacle”, he advised.

Apostle & Pastor (Mrs.) Olugbaro with some men of the church

Speaking on the theme, the anointing, Olugbaro said, “Anointing is the supernatural power and presence of God. It is not about shouting, sweating and titles, but about carrying His presence with the power of the Holy Spirit.”

Apostle & Pastor (Mrs.) Olugbaro with the children of church

“It is unfortunate, a lot of methodology, gadget and administrative system are now being used to replace the place of anointing in the church. We need the presence and power of the Holy Spirit anointing to break yokes and do many things in our lives, families, church, community and the Nigerian society. Anointing makes impossibility to be possible, difficulty to be easy and where there’s no way to be a way.”

Apostle & Pastor (Mrs.) Olugbaro with the women

Dr. Olugbaro lamented the worrisome situation, where false teachers are now teaching heresies and fake pastors are many in this generation, giving the wrong notion that the presence of the Holy Spirit in the church does not exist again and has gone with the old prophets.

Apostle & Pastor (Mrs.) Olugbaro with the ushers

He urged everyone looking for a solution to their situation, to seek the presence of God, who has the lasting solution.

He berated some Christians going from one place to another seeking a solution by collecting spiritual items, waters, oil or mantle; they don’t know the spiritual or covenant source nor close to know the one giving such items. “There’s no need running from pillar to post, from one place to the other seeking a solution when we are supposed to stand at the right place and take position to be in His presence”. 

“The entire problems we are seeing and experiencing today are coming to an end in our lives and in our nation. God’s assurance of deliverance to His people is assured and people shall be liberated and be saved by the power of His anointing”, he added.