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God Does Not Change – Rev. Toyin Kehinde


God Does Not Change – Rev. Toyin Kehinde

As the nation and the people are grappling with economic, insecurity, unrest and all manners of social situations, the Senior Pastor and General Overseer of Agape Christian International Church, Rev. Toyin Kehinde has called on Nigerians to have unrelented confidence, boldness and assurance in God, stating that the situation now cannot consume anyone or the nation, rather to make stronger, strengthened and solid in God.

Archbishop John & Rev. (Mrs.) Enitan Osa-Oni, the Prelate, Vineyard Christian Ministries Inc., Ajao Estate, Isolo, Lagos cutting the 36 years anniversary cake.

Rev. Kehinde made this call as a guest speaker during the Destiny 2024 programme and 36 years anniversary of Vineyard Christian Ministries, Ajao Estate, Lagos themed, “God Does Not Change”.

He declared, “almost everything around us changes, but God never changes”. He further explained different changes that have occurred in the life of man, the society and the environment, “there used to be available hardcover books everywhere, but today, they’re all in digital. At a time you have to go to the post office to buy stamps to post a letter and wait for about a week or month to confirm if your letter was received, but today, as a result of digital, you receive a response to your message within some minutes.”

Archbishop John Osa-Oni welcoming the guest speaker, Rev. Toyin Kehinde

Unfortunately, because we see changes everyday and are surrounded by changes, we now carry the wrong mentality that God also changes. “All that God is, that is what He has always been and all that He is now, that is what He will ever be. God is constant, He never changes, from the beginning to the end, He remains God and never changes”, he said.

Quoting different scriptures to buttress his point, Rev. Kehinde admonished Nigerians and Christians to have confidence and be assured that, there’s nothing the devil can do that will overcome the promises of God for them, because God is not a man that will lie or change. “God has a thousand and one way to do or achieve one thing He promises to do”, he assured.

L-r: Bishop Sunday Ajayi, Bishop Akinola & wife, Archbishop John & Rev. (Mrs.) Enitan Osa-Oni (Host & Prelate) with Bishop Bola Babaleye & wife cutting the 36 years anniversary cake of Vineyard Christian Ministries Inc.

He pleaded, “Never depend on or rely on the changes you experience, encounter and see everyday around you. God does not change and never gives up doing what He has promised from the beginning of creation. Despite the changing situation, He remains God and never change”.

He warned, “don’t underrate what God can do in any situation. He never changes in spite of a downtrodden economy, inflation of goods, banditry, communal crisis and other social vices, He never changes His promises of protection, provision, preservation and blessings for His creation. His potential power, presence, purpose and personality does not change, He remains God.”