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FALSE ACCUSATION -By Gracious Akintayo

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FALSE ACCUSATION –By Gracious Akintayo

Some case in life are always traumatic experience with happenings, especially when you become a subject of ridicule, false accusation, booed, jeered and insult by supposedly trusted or well known fellows who hounded and subject you to all manners of humiliation to an extent of annihilation without regards to your feeling or psychological effects.

Some human beings are satanically creative, maniacally brilliant propagandists, great accusers and pathological liars who will convincingly manufacture falsehood to look exactly like truth.

It is a spirit and force that comfortably drives some men. But when you come to the knowledge and understanding of this, you will realise, not every allegation, accusation and confrontations you will have to reply and respond.

There are times silence is a befitting reply. Do not try to join issues or argue with such a man, you may not succeed and end up being dirty in the mud. Neither you try to be emotional and create lies to defend yourself or wriggle out of the accusation.

You may lose your case in the court of man, but never be weary, your vindication will surely come.

Learn from the great lesson of our Lord Jesus Christ attitude, reaction and silent response in the midst of false accusations, booed and jeered in the hands of His accusers. He was gloriously vindicated and became the Saviour.

May the Lord through His Spirit and power deliver us from the threat of human accusers in Jesus name.

Special Prayer:

Ki Olorun gbawa lowo awon (May God delivered us from;)

  1. Kenimani  – Thwarter
  2. Alaroka   – Backbiter
  3. Amoniseni  – Adversary
  4. Aronipin  – Despiser
  5. Abatenije   – Slanderer
  6. Ajenifeni  – Pretender/Slow poison
  7. Alainitelorun  – Covetous
  8. Afinisun   – Antagonist/Persecutor
  9. Asenibanidaro  – Treacherous/Traitor
  10. Alagabagebe  – Mischief maker