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EXPOSED! Various Ways Demons Attack Their Victims:



Various Ways Demons Attack Their Victims:


  • Oppression:


When demons sit upon a victim’s progress, preventing him from rising or increasing. It is putting a ceiling on how high the victim can rise. When a new King, who didn’t know Joseph, reigned in Egypt, he put a ceiling on the rise and influence of the Israelites.


  • Repression: 


This is worse than oppression, when the demonic force does not only sit, it presses the victim down, and steadily destroys every effort to rise, like the ordeal of Israel until they were liberated by Gideon.

  1. Regression:

The demon focuses on pushing the victim backwards, until there is nothing left. The woman with the issue of blood spent all her wealth on finding a cure until she found Jesus.


  • Vexation:


This is a demonic attack at intervals. 

It goes and comes like in the case of epilepsy. Usually it comes at a time when it can cause maximum embarrassment.


  • Obsession: 


A case when the demon fixes your   mind on wrong things, like wrong habits that give you pleasure and blind you to their inherent danger. Examples are sex and drugs.


  • Confusion:


This is mental bondage. When the enemy attacks someone with confusion, he will begin to call what is good bad, and what is bad good. He will not be able to make a right decision or good choice.


  • Possession:


A case where the devil takes full control of the victim, making him do things that are even harmful to himself, like the case of the Madman of Gadara. He said that the number of demons during such attacks vary, but they are strong enough to cause harm.

After God has decreed Jubilee, no one is allowed to keep anyone in bondage and captivity; everyone in bondage and captivity are entitled to liberty and freedom. The devil and his demons have no choice than to free their victims who are willing to enjoy their liberation.

“When we run to God in total surrender with whatever form of attack, the declaration of Jubilee by the One who never loses a battle is a declaration of war against any bondage and captivity”.