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Every Woman Should Seek God’s Wisdom to Build Her Home and Not on Drama Series or Films – Pastor (Mrs.) Mojisola Adeyemi


Every Woman Should Seek God’s Wisdom to Build Her Home and Not on Drama Series or Films – Pastor (Mrs.) Mojisola Adeyemi

Pastor (Mrs.) Mojisola Adeyemi is the co-pastor of City of Divine Grace Ministry, Lagos and the proprietress of Pearl Regal School. Aside from co-pastoring  a church with her husband, and being a school proprietress. She is also the convener and the host of annual Interdenominational Women of Honour Conference (WOHC). In this interview with Gracious Akintayo, she shared the vision of the annual conference and attributes of Women of Honour. Excerpt:

Kindly describe your Christian journey and going into the ministry.      

I was born again in October 1996. And since then, my life has not remained the same. Though there were challenges, but, God has proved to be faithful. The journey became easier because Christ leads and I follow. When you build your faith on God and trust Him, the journey becomes interesting. And coming into the ministry, I see it as a privilege to be called into the Ministry. God has been faithful. Though, when we started it was not easy, but we bless God for where we are today. It has been God all the way. 

How do you balance your role as a wife, mother, manager, minister and leader?    

It has been God’s Grace and when you have a God given husband who understands you, it makes the work easier. 

What inspired the conference theme and your primary goal?            

The theme for this year’s conference, ARISE, was given by God. And looking at the present situation of our society, a lot of women are in a hopeless situation. They have given up hope on life. Many are in depression and the future outlook is bleak. Therefore, it is time for women to Arise against situations to their God-given vision. It’s time to take back all that has been lost and face the future with hope.

What should be the expectation of participants?

The conference is inspired by the Holy Spirit and participants are going to benefit a lot from the abundance already packaged for the conference. Apart from the carefully chosen respected guest speakers who will bring a spiritual dimension to the theme, there will be business seminars with successful professionals and entrepreneurs. Also, there will be counseling, networking and fervent prayers. The one day conference is prepared to meet some ingredients for women to arise and fulfill their life’s purpose.

Are you satisfied with the present state of Nigerian women and what is missing? 

No. I am not satisfied with the present state of Nigerian women. A lot of them outside are suffering and silently crying. They can’t meet up their ends and are not fulfilling their purpose. The little they are earning cannot take care of the needs. To have streams of income is not easy because there is no capital to fund it and most of them have no one to support them.

What is the difference between a virtuous woman and a woman of honour?        

A virtuous woman is a woman of virtue, full of strength, talent and ability. A woman of honour is a woman whose life is fulfilled and full of praise for practicing the virtues. A Virtuous woman can be an honoured woman.  

What should be the characteristics of a honoured woman?                          

A honoured woman is industrious and hardworking. She is compassionate and full of integrity. She is kind, loving and compassionate. She is full of wisdom and understanding. These are some of the characteristics of an honoured woman. 

With the rates of divorce, broken homes and family values, what’s your advice to parents, especially Christian women?                 

The success of every home lies in the hands of the woman. I just wrote a book titled PLAY THE HARLOT. The Bible says the wise woman builds her home. Every woman should seek wisdom on how to build her home. I mean God’s wisdom, not carnal wisdom of using the understanding of men. 

What are your advice to ladies planning to get married and to Nigerian women at this time of economic situation?             

To every young lady out there who is yet to marry, plan to build your home on God and not on drama series or films that are fantasies without facts. Let God  take the lead in your home. And to Nigerian women in such a time like this of our economy downtrodden, one stream of income is not enough. We need to do more than enough. Don’t spend higher than your income, do away with what you don’t need , live a simple life that can accommodate your expenses and less will be your trouble. 

If you are privileged to meet the Nigeria First Lady for 5mins, what would be your advice or suggestion to her?                                                  

I will ask her for women empowerment. The God given role for all women is to be a helpmeet to their husband but the economy is not allowing women to fulfill this commission. If women are empowered, they will turn it around to take care of their family and they will be able to fulfill God’s purpose as a help-meet.