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Don’t Kill Other People’s Vision -Matthew Daniels


Don’t Kill Other People’s Vision –Matthew Daniels

When you kill someone vision, it’s not him that suffer but the people that depend on him. So don’t destroy someone because you hate him, think about the innocent people that are behind him for survival.

According to a comment by Rev. Matthew Daniels, the General Overseer of Elohim Faith Assembly, Lagos, in his facebook wall, where he wrote, “Brutally attacking others because of their sins, mistakes and weakness, is not of God. It is Satanic. I have watched preachers attacking other preachers in the name of creating order in the body of Christ but I have always seen flesh manifesting in the correcting and flesh can not do the things of God.

Flesh is a property of the Devil. When I was a boy, Evangelist Jimmy Swaggard stood up to fight brutally with Evangelist Jimmy Baker, then Baker had some issues. I remember Swaggard saying that “God has raised him (Jimmy Swaggard) to clean off the dirt in the body of Christ”. Archbishop Idahosa replied by saying ” The Holy Spirit should resign so that you Swaggard can now take over His office, because the cleaning of the body of Christ is the job for the Holy Spirit”.

Brethren Archbishop was right, it is the Holy Spirit that cleans. The results of what Swaggard did was not pleasant, it affected souls negatively and it took so many years for Swaggard to realised his mistakes but the great damage had been done.

Some people are still suffering from it now. What Rev. Sunday Adelaja is doing now is flesh trying to solve the problems in the body of Christ. We are already seeing the fruits of this, his disciples are wild and very arrogant, they don’t even know what the fruits of the Spirit is. I have personally interacted with some of them and they can be very insulting. These young disciples of Adelaja think they are revolutionaries and revivalists yet you don’t see the person and power of the Holy Spirit in them.

It takes only the move of the Spirit to solve spiritual problems. Any preacher that is fake is fake to his own peril, Jesus will build His church and the gates of hell can not prevail over it.