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Dangerous Dreams Requires Dangerous Prayers By Dr. Daniel Olukoya


Dangerous Dreams Requires Dangerous Prayers By Dr. Daniel Olukoya

Text: Matthew 27:19, Genesis 20:3, Job 33:14-18

I need you to carefully read through this particular topic and understand it, then pray with it.

Your dreams: 

– are your spiritual monitor.

– enable us to know what is going on in your spiritual life.

– open up a little bit of information on what goes on in your life in the spirit realm. 

To neglect those dreams could be a terrible tragedy. Sometimes when people are sick, the sickness could introduce some strange dreams.

There is a very popular disease among people in the tropics: malaria; and there are certain dreams you can call ‘malaria dreams’. They are always up and down, with no direction. Even during the pandemic, there are dreams that have been provoked by the pandemic.

Now, in the dream life, the spirit world comes into contact with human lives and so Satan is very much interested in influencing our dreams. Those dreams are your revelation during sleep. A revelation to man, of a small part of the activities going on in the spirit realm. A sort of a film show of occurrences in the spirit realm.

Sometimes, there are images from the spirit realm presented to you there. Even if a dream does not make sense, no dream is totally useless.

It helps you to deal with the physical. Dreams help you to deal with the spiritual battles that you face. All dreams contain a message, and we must be careful what to do with them.

But there is a rule: 

What is the difference? How do you know whether a dream is bad or good? How do you know whether a dream is safe or dangerous? The way to know whether a dream is good or bad is to look at the end of that dream; no matter what started it. 

If that dream ends well, no death, no loss, no wounding, no stealing of things, no panic; then it is a good dream. If that dream ends in tragedy, loss, panic, fear, then it is a bad dream and you should not joke with it. When a dream ends in a way and you find yourself well and okay and whatever is attacking you is destroyed, then it is a safe dream. But when they pursue and pursue you, you fly, they fly after you, you run, they run after you, you swim, they swim after you and you wake up without conclusion, it is dangerous.

Somebody is pointing a gun at you in the dream and shot, and you felt the bullet entering your body in that dream, you did not respond, you did not get out the bullet, and you woke up like that, dangerous dreams. 

Dreams are metaphors of dark sayings. This is why God uses it to communicate. One of the ways God speaks to people is through dreams. There are two Josephs in the Bible who were dreamers. There is Joseph of the Old Testament, popularly known as Joseph the dreamer. There is another Joseph in the New Testament, the father of Jesus, another dreamer; both getting information from their dreams.

So, dreams can reveal insights to us and insights into what lies ahead of you. It enables us to see far into the future. That is why most dreams cannot be figured out by human understanding. Take for example the dream of Joseph the dreamer. He saw stars bowing down. How can stars bow down? For a star to bow down, then the shape must be the shape of a human being who can bow down.

So, dreams are metaphors of dark sayings. Immediately Joseph told the dream to the father, the man understood it straightaway. 

Dreams are mysterious and mostly cannot be figured out with human understanding. Sometimes, a dream is a call to pay attention to something you are ignoring. Sometimes it brings to our attention areas of tension in our lives. All those dreams have important messages for you. 

Before going on, I will pray a prayer for you, and want your Amen to be explosive. I have been praying this prayer for many weeks and want to pray it again.

When the brothers of Joseph captured him, the reason they wanted to kill him was because of those dreams he was having. They said “let us kill him and now see what becomes of his dreams”.

I decree upon your life that any power that is saying let us kill him or her, and now see what becomes of his or her dreams; in the name which is above all names: Jesus Christ, the Son of the living God, I command the power to die, in the name of Jesus! (Amen).

There are more kinds of dreams, but they can be grouped under 6 broads.

  1. Dreams that increase or add to you.
  2. Dreams that subtract from you.
  3. Dreams that leave you the way they found you, neither negative nor positive.
  4. Dreams that emptied you.
  5. Dreams that catapult your destiny. May you have that kind of dream, in the name of Jesus. 
  6. Dreams that waste you.

Pilate’s wife had a dream, but it was a pity that Pilate did not pick any lesson from that dream. She was tormented in her dream to warn her husband not to have a hand in the matter of Jesus because the aftermath would backfire on her and her children. She did, the man did not answer. It was in a dream that God warned Abimelech.

So, dreams can sometimes warn us. Dreams can terrify us with warnings so that we can turn away from wrongdoings. That is why we say, in the school of victory, information is the greatest asset.

Information transforms a man and lack of information deforms a man. When you lack spiritual information and you are in a battle, you are an accident waiting to happen. 

But you may ask a question: why does God use dreams to talk to us when He can talk to us directly or through other means? I will explain. The human mind gets clouded with the business of the day. Thinking about everything, from the happenings of the day to the events of the night. So, the business of the day has a way to cloud the mind of man.

So, technically, the only quiet time most people have is when they are asleep. When you are asleep, your conscious mind cannot fight God’s message. When we are awake, our conscious mind gets in the way of hearing from God. When you are asleep and you are dreaming, there are many things you cannot contest again. Anybody who has ever gone through surgery and they gave you anesthesia will understand that you will not be in charge anymore. It is the same thing with sleep. When you are asleep, you are vulnerable. You lose control of your life and God now has it.

As you are reading through this with understanding, you have strong and dangerous prayers to pray. If in your dreams:

– you are seeing corpses.

– you are seeing coffins.

– you are attending funerals.

– you are being chained.

– you are being married to an unknown person.

– you are begging for food, clothes, money, alms.

– you are walking barefooted.

– you are wearing torn dresses.

– you find that physically you have hair but in the dream you are bald.

– you are driving a vehicle which suddenly stopped. 

– You looked and searched for something in the dream but couldn’t find it before waking up.

– you are being pursued by giant animals.

– you find yourself discussing with dead relatives.

– you suffer from beatings in the dream and sometimes you wake up with scratches all over your body.

– you see yourself naked.

– you are holding a Bible and somebody took it away from you.

– you see yourself eating your vomit.

– you find yourself on the hospital bed.

– you see yourself crying and weeping.

– you see yourself losing a lot of money.

– they fire bullets and gunshots at you.

– you are being bitten by animals.

– you find yourself in the marketplace roaming aimlessly, without buying anything.

– you got to a big river and was unable to cross it. You know you should cross but you cannot cross.

– you find yourself with a big load on your head.

– someone is giving you dirty money.

– you find yourself swimming in water when physically you do not know how to swim.

– you find yourself trying to strike matches but as you strike it, it gets extinguished.

– someone shows your blood in a bottle and drinks that blood.

– you are in court as an accused person.

Beloved, there are dreams and there are dreams; and there are those you should never just push aside. Those are the wasting dreams, the dangerous dreams. 

– A dream of self duplication is dangerous. That means there is a twin substitute in the spirit, stealing away your virtues and carting away the good things meant for you.

– You are dreaming of violent sex with pains when you wake up. Those are spiritual armed robbers to defile you, pollute you, and manipulate you. That is evidence of a terrible husband or wife. Such victims normally have serious trouble.

– dreams of getting married to relatives or unknown persons. This is the fact of the availability of your spirit man for all kinds of things, which can cause marital disturbances or blockages.

– seeing yourself with double sex organs. Means you have been reinvented by the enemy. So, progress will be very difficult. 

– dreams of always discussing the dead. Do not joke with that at all. It means the powers of eaters and flesh and drinkers of blood are in a rage against you and that the terminators, the vultures, waster demons are after you. It is evidence that dark powers are speaking death to your activities.

Raise up your right hand and shout as loud as you can, if you have had any of the dreams I have mentioned. If God is allowing you to see them, it means that they can be addressed. 

Pray now:

– Every power that hates my existence and opposes my progress, you shall not prosper in the name of Jesus.

– Every enemy that came while I slept, your time is up; die, in the name of Jesus. 

– Every witchcraft agent and marine agent appearing in my dream, dies in the name of Jesus.

If in the dream:

– you find yourself in an aggressive rainfall and you try to run with nowhere to run to, it means you are under a siege. There is a terrible bombardment of attacks; rain like afflictions.

– you find yourself toothless or hairless means loss of glory, motivation, winning spirit. It is a dangerous dream.

– you find yourself looking older than your age in your dream. It means you are being drained spiritually and physically.

– you find yourself fighting creatures that are not human beings like short zombies, dolls, headless bones. It means that satanic soldiers have been assigned to attack your destiny.

– you find yourself flying without wings to unknown places or being pursued by flying creatures, it means you are living a double unconscious life and there is evil dedication speaking against you, and that your destiny is under stubborn pursuers. 

– you find flies attacking you, it is an attack by Beelzebub spirits; they want to kill the person while the person is still alive.

– you get strange marks all over your body from dreams meaning the enemy has marked you out for punishment or destruction. 

– naturally you do not wear wigs or attachments or wigs but find yourself in the dreams wearing those things, it is your glory that is being replaced; your benefits are being exchanged for the temporary. 

If you are a sister and you can sit down for hours for somebody to attach something to your head, and you do not even know the spiritual quality of that person in the name of ‘I want to look beautiful’, I feel sorry for you. By the time the problem starts, you will not know, it has to do with what you did.

– you find yourself in the dream on a queue and you are at the far end, it is the spirit of delay.

– you find yourself in the cemetery or the hospital in the dream, there is an agenda of infirmity or untimely death for you.

– you are drinking dirty water, it is the pollution of your source of breakthroughs. 

– attacks by dogs or dogs licking your body is sexual attacks.

– breastfeeding strange children is your virtue being withdrawn.

As someone reading this now, the Lord is saying, the witchcraft padlock you have been seeing planted in the brain of your children, have been destroyed! And I decree upon you, any dream designed to alter the agenda of God for your life, shall expire in the name of Jesus. 

Wicked elders invading anybody’s dreams, we bury you alive, in the name of Jesus. (Amen).


  1. My virtues?! Come out, arise, shine in the name of Jesus.
  2. Whatever is buried to cage my life, be destroyed in the name of Jesus.
  3. Serpents and scorpions in my dreams, die in the name of Jesus.
  4. Whatever needs to disappear for my deliverance to manifest, should disappear, in the name of Jesus.
  5. Any power assigned to harden my problem, be destroyed in the name of Jesus.
  6. Shout Blood of Jesus 3x and say, Deliver me in the name of Jesus!

Dr. Daniel K. Olukoya is the General Overseer Mountain of Fire Ministries (MFM) International, 13, Olasimbo Street, by Unilag 2nd gate, Onike, Yaba, Lagos. enquiries@mountainoffire.org