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DANGER ALERT ⚠️ By Segun Tewogbola


DANGER ALERT ⚠️ By Segun Tewogbola 

Precisely on January 24, 2024 I made a short video warning people of an impending danger that hangs over the Church.

Permit me to say it again in writing, so that it may get to many people’s knowledge. This is necessary so as to create awareness within the people of God, the called out (ecclesia).

Gate keepers and watchers among us can attest to this eternal truth that Jesus is coming back, and the closer the day, the more confused the world would be. Even the Elects would have been (invariably)deceived if not for God who would have shortened the day.

Due to some past bitter experiences, people will wise up, especially the youth, and they will first attack Christian leaders who are using extravagant lifestyles, who enjoy misrepresenting Jesus Christ, and the gospel of the Kingdom.

These Christian leaders whose god is their belly, speaking high sounding nonsense to their large audience, these charlatans who openly display their love for Mammoth are likened to Hophni and Phineas, the two sons of Eli, that provoked Israel to hate the offerings of the Lord  God.

So the attack first came to all church leaders, even the good ones were not spared. And then these people would then attack the Bible. This attack on the Bible is the second phase of the Danger Alert.

The attack on the Bible is going to be massive and more controversial. Take Heed! It will surely happen, even now the stage for this assault is finally set when a supposed Christian preacher says the writing of Apostle Paul in the Bible is not to be fully trusted, because the great Apostle was speaking of his own.

All that the Enemy and the Avenger need is this (Supposed) kind of little crack from the inside. And then those who painfully concluded that the Bible is a white man’s book would just continue to hit from the outside, and they expect the Holy Bible to fall. Hmmnn. IMPOSSIBLE!

At the end of their delusions, these people will eventually end up in blaspheming God openly without shame (the third stage of the Danger Alert)! The online comedians (Nigeria) that make skits are already preparing the ground for this global blasphemy whenever they will Shout J E S U S to their stupid comedy.

I have spoken, people get ready, the writing is already on the wall of time, the perilous time is here – be warned!

Preparing the Bride,

Pastor Segun Tewogbola is a Bible teacher with the gift of revelational knowledge and dimensional prophetic ministry. He is a sought after conference speaker of note and currently, the President & Overseer of Kingdom Truth For All Nations, USA, a global ministry dedicated to prepare the bride for the return of Jesus Christ.

Email address: ktfan2022@gmail.com

WhatsApp only: +234 814 601 2381