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CRABOLOGY! By Gracious Akintayo


CRABOLOGY! By Gracious Akintayo

“Be devoted to one another in brotherly love . . . Rejoice with those who rejoice.” Romans 12:10 and 15 

The word CRABOLOGY is coined from the word CRAB. The same CRAB is well known to us. 

CRABOLOGY is therefore, not about CRABS, but about human behaviour and the tendency to downplay, discourage and disallow someone else from a breakthrough or succeeding at something.

There is something interesting but still wicked about CRABS. If you are familiar with fishing or CRABS hunting or have studied CRABS, you would observe and understand that once you have two or more CRABS in a basin you need not cover them because no matter what, none of the CRABS will escape. 

However, each of the CRAB has the capacity to crawl out and escape, but whenever any CRAB tries to crawl out, other CRABS will instinctively pull it down because they would rather die together than to see any of them successfully escape. 

CRABOLOGY is very synonymous with – ‘PULL HIM DOWN (PHD) SYNDROME’. Study shows, it is a mental attitude, cultural language and physical actions of individuals who refused to support others in their efforts to better themselves, their community or organisations. Simply means, a mentality of pulling down anyone who achieves or about to achieve success greater than yours. CRABOLOGY is a witchcraft spirit, a character associated and motivated with craftiness, destructive competition, jealousy, undermining and HATRED for SUCCESS! 

“If I am not free, neither would you or if I am not there, neither would you”.

Sadly, many people in offices, market places, families, schools, mosques, churches, the same compound etc., have this mentality and portray this character at the detriment of others to get people failed. 

When a CRABOLOGY attitude sets in or crept into someone’s consciousness, it is often accompanied by inability to genuinely rejoice with those who are rejoicing. Contrarily, rather than rejoicing with them, they are offended by their rejoicing and are always harbouring complaints with judgmental spirit toward those who are moving beyond their comfort zone. At a point, they are argumentative and filled with unnecessary hatred.

“Wise Attitude, Action and Language Word” for some human being.

CRABOLOGY is a mental attitude, language and actions of individuals who also refuses to be positive about developments, support others in their efforts to become better and encourage progressive strides within their environment, community and the society. They are not purpose driven!

This mentality must be consciously dealtwith, with the understanding that the candle you light for someone can not reduce your own brightness. 

You have to build, encourage, support and motivate people around you to succeed because transcendency is fulfillment in life. 

Nothing in nature lives for itself and success without a successor is a bad failure. 

STOP pulling or dragging people down with your attitude, actions and language. Rather, use your character and mentality to dignify others, appreciate them and celebrate their achievement. 

What matters most is supporting, encouraging, motivating and helping one another to succeed.

Iron sharpens iron, no man can do it all alone, we are created for one another. 

Do not be happy and be undermining others that you are the only rich, successful or progressive person around and do not destroy others with your words, attitude and actions to pull them down.

It is dangerous, because whenever you do that, you are equally digging the grave of destruction for your life, peace and conscience. Though you are looking good and happy, you are a prisoner of conscience. A self attribution, affliction and destruction for the worst form of life imprisonment. 

In any situation, circumstance or difficulties you may find yourself, endeavour to be natural and live for others. We are for one another, to help and assist one another. 

Do good to help others grow, develop, breakthrough, succeed and be happy. You will be happier and fulfilled in life.