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CONFUSION of the GOSPEL! By Babafemi Adebayo


CONFUSION of the GOSPEL! By Babafemi Adebayo

Confusing the Gospel of Salvation with the Gospel of the Kingdom 

The misunderstanding between the two topical dimensions of the gospel is a problem for many in the Church. The gospel of Salvation is comparable to crossing the Red Sea. The Blood of Jesus frees us from our oppressor, the devil, who in this case can be compared with Egypt. While the gospel of the Kingdom is represented by the crossing of the Jordan. To reach the Promised Land, we need to cross the Jordan after crossing the Red Sea. Meaning, we have to conquer the seven hostile kingdoms before possessing the land and it can be ours.

Many Christians focus on the gospel of salvation and many churches are more concerned and comfortable with filling their pews on Sundays than with biblical transformation of lives and nations. 

The gospel of salvation is very important but stopping at salvation is like sitting down after crossing the Red Sea or going no further than the edge of the Jordan – we are not taking territories, possessing our possessions or exercising dominion.

Christians in the past have influenced nations and territories but it seems that just a few generations later, we retreated into our silos, ceding a whole sphere of influence to the enemy. 

Muslims want to do more than build Mosques, they want to control nations in terms of the laws and the cultural values, by contrast Christians are just interested in having 30,000, 100,000 members Church that influence nobody’s territory.

Many Christian feel that what they do in church on Sundays is sacred but Mondays to Fridays when they get to work, that is secular – this is a lie from the devil. The word “secular” actually means “without God”. But truly nothing exists without God – ALL THINGS were made through Him and without Him nothing was made that was made – John 1:3.

In church many of us put on a garment of spirituality, but from Monday we live in a God-free zone. 

As Christ followers, we have a duty to be God’s ambassadors everywhere we go. 

Let us reason together. 

Happy and pleasant week ahead.

Pastor Femi Adebayo, an apostle of godly character and spiritual development is the President of Club Abraham International (a nondenominational fellowship of developing man value, character and godliness).

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