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Cleric charged Nigerian youths, call for credible election


The spiritual leader and head of mission of Gospel Church of Christ Worldwide, Bishop Eric Emiaso has challenged Nigerian youths not to allow Nigerian politicians misused and abused their future at the detriments of their aspiration, gains and goals for political office. They should define their stand and future in God with the believe in their God given abilities and skills to build a better future and transform Nigeria political, economic and social landscape.
Bishop Emiaso made this remark while speaking to Nigerian youths on the forthcoming general election.  He urged parents to bring up their children in the way of God, teach them the fear God and how to do His will that will attract divine prosperity. The youths need orientation due to moral breakdown in the society as well as lack of the fear of God and leaders of tomorrow, youths should have strong footing to become desired good leaders of tomorrow”.
He charged Nigerian youths to rise up and take their rightful place as the next generation leaders of this country. “You must rise up, get equipped, develop good vision and run with focus at this season and the time to take position”.
Instead of allowing yourselves to be used for political hooliganism and dirty jobs that will truncate your destinies, you should draw closer to God and remain steadfast with absolute trust in God to maximize your potentials and opportunities for great impact and meaningful living that glorify God. “God’s plan for you is to be strong enough to overcome any form of failure, oppression and intimidations that may hinder your development and achievement”, he said.
Speaking on state of nation, Bishop Emiaso calls for adequate security and protection of lives and properties, “a government that cannot secure and guarantee the protection of its citizen has no business being in power. Because its citizens would want other ways to defend themselves and this is will give rooms to militancy, cult groups and hooliganism”.
He called on politicians and political position aspirants to consider their conducts and attitudes during the campaign, elections and after the election to avoid political and electoral violence. “INEC and other agencies responsible for the conduct of election, should ensure credible, free and fair election to the benefit of the country peace and progress”, he said.
The church head encourage Christians to pray for the success of the election and participate in election process, using their PVC according to their conscience to vote credible, responsible and God fearing candidate without encouraging monetization of voters or vote buying.
Lamenting on the state of Christianity, Bishop Emiaso said, the church is expected to make greater and deeper impact at this moment of the country. “Much is expected from the church, because if we are doing so well, I believe we can curb all evils and menace facing the society. So, I will plead with the church to develop and make more impact as a body to curb the excesses the society is complaining about, so that our society can be a safe haven with the hope of social, economic and political growth”, he said.