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Chastity Without Character By Gracious Akintayo


Chastity Without Character By Gracious Akintayo

In today’s society, there are ladies, who kept their chastity and virginity. They are moral and religious, but lack character and virtue. 

Oftentimes many of these ladies find it difficult to get a suitor for marriage. Some are broken-hearted with others severely frustrated and disappointed. Whereas, ladies perceived not to be religious, chaste, serious and responsible easily find suitors as husbands. 

This has prompted many marriageable and perceived chaste Christian ladies, who are either still waiting for the right man, experiencing delay or struggling with a relationship; to be wondering and asking, “why do ladies who keep themselves find it more difficult to get husbands than ladies who don’t?”

In this article, ladies will understand that chastity without character is a hindrance to getting married.

Keeping one’s self is not primarily a strategy to get a man quickly. It is something you do as God demands of you. 

Getting a life partner requires more than just chastity. It primarily requires character and virtue.

No man will marry a lady simply because she is a virgin, moral, or religious alone. But majorly on her good character and virtue with godliness.

Sadly, some ladies who are chastity and keep to themselves have bad, repulsive characters no man wants to accommodate and associate with. 

Some can’t sustain, maintain and build a relationship long enough to develop into marriage because of certain attitudes and lifestyles. Many ladies;

  1. Can’t dress well, their hair is unkempt, they have body odour and look untidy. 
  2. Are not kind hearted, considerate and compassionate, receptive, hospitable and friendly.
  3. Are a soldier of the cross in appearance, too serious and holy. They don’t smile, always frowning and easily get angry. 
  4. Have no manner, decorum and respect for a man. They can talk to a man like a boy, because they are prayerful or always want to speak their mind.
  5. Are harsh, proud, stubborn, self centered, arrogant and difficult to please. 
  6. Are good at giving excuses, always find fault, mostly complain and full of negatives. 
  7. Don’t take advice, listen to corrections, give apologies, are not ready to learn and are argumentative.

Dear Sister,


  • To your Virtue, add Value 
  • To your Chastity, add Character.
  • To your Look, add Charisma.