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Book Review:


Author: Pastor Nnamdi Chinyere

Pages: 116

Reviewer: Pastor Joe Nwadubaisim

The book MAKING YOUR MARRIAGE WORK can be described as a compendium of marriage workbooks and a collection of marriage manuals for consultation.

God’s grace, power, revelation and the spirit inspired the writing of this timely solution and intervention book.

I celebrate and appreciate the grace of God in the life of the author, Pastor Nnamdi Chinyere deserves to be appreciated for the sacrifice to ensure, he becomes an instrument of God to add value to marriage with godly reference of digest for aspiring couple, married couples and those having challenges in their marriage with desires for godly solution and better understanding.

MAKING YOUR MARRIAGE WORK is a great book, not exaggerated or sentimental. It is a thorough work of study, research and careful examination. A case study and resources that cannot be overemphasized.

The book is divinely inspired and spiritually designed to guide, secure and safe guard the institution of marriage as ordained by God for the purpose of oneness, fellowship, worship and partnership, cannot be underrated. From the cover design to contents in the book to the back cover, the book is embedded, attractive and loaded with messages.

This is a book you cannot pick and want to drop, until you finish reading. The details are explicit, the writing is unique and the languages are enlightened and easy to understand.

With the present state in our society, where marriage is fast becoming taste and dump, trials and error, abusive and terrorising, dishonored and valueless. With divorce, separation and single parenting becoming norm and are openly celebrated without recourse to virtues. 

This book will not only solve the justice problem associated with marriage, it is also a timely solution provider pointing to the right direction to redirect marriage value, correct wrong impressions and restore godliness and purpose of marriage.

The simply cover designed and powerful visualised 8 chapters and 116 pages book is laced with topical subjects. 

The first and second chapters gave an in-depth understanding, purpose and reasons for marriage. Chapters three and four are instructive, educative and directive to have God centred marriage with godly ideas. Chapters five and six explained the decisive and active role expected to play and to make the marriage the bedrock of life, and the society light.

Chapter seven pointed out some challenges and pitfalls of marriage, and gave useful biblical strategies on how to avoid, overcome and destroy them. The final chapter eight charged on empowerment and commandment to fight for one’s marriage. 

The book emphasize on James 4:7 and Ephesians 6:10-11 to drive home it’s charge to fight the enemies of marriage and defeat them with

clear instruction, YOU MUST submit to God and be strong in Him. Resist the devil and put on the full armor of God to fortify your marriage. And pray against the wiles, strategies and the deceits of the devil.

The rich content of the book made it stand out among other books on marriage. It is full of insight and very interesting to read with highlighted practical steps of interesting reading and helpful.

Apart from the author, Pastor Nnamdi Chinyere being spirit filled and divinely inspired, he proves his experience and encounter with knowledge and does not base his writing on philosophy, ideology, psychology, traditions, and wise sayings. His approach to marital issues is simple and makes the book easy to read and understand. 

The book, MAKING YOUR MARRIAGE WORK is phenomenal, intuitional, instructional and masterpiece solution to marriage problems. It is an evangelical tool, a reader’s delight, resourceful material for marriage counselors and manuals for singles and unmarried.

Finally, as I congratulate the author on the successful completion and release of this book for public consumption. Permit me to use some remarks in the book by some outstanding men and women.

“Marriage is the bedrock of society. Some of the problems our society has today can be traced to marital failure orchestrated by the devil to destabilize the human race. If marriages are stable, our society will also be stable and peaceful. It is 

ironic that the media world is full of stories of love and marital bliss. We are saturated with Nollywood films that depict marriage as an abode of love, where peace and joy reign. But it is surprising that many of the actors and actresses do not have happy homes despite the fact that they portray a happy marriage in films. It seems the more stories of love we have, the more failure we experience in today’s marriage. Cases of divorce are now at an alarming rate. Children born out of wedlock are uncountable. 

The paternity of children is becoming contestable and doubtful day by day. Infidelity in marriage has nearly become a norm in our society. 

The major cause of marital catastrophes is a lack of preparation for marriage. More and more people are rushing into marriage without preparation. 

Many couples marry because of the glamour and flamboyance attached to wedding ceremonies. Only a few people are ready to prepare for their wedding by going through serious counselling sessions, studying the scriptures and books on marriage. We spend a lot of money on wedding ceremonies without investing a penny in marriage, and we expect good outcomes from our marriages.”

On this note, I recommend this book to all and sundry, irrespective of class, position or denomination, especially children of God and others who desire to please God and want to experience God through their marriage. 

Everyone that reads this book will be blessed; troubled marriages will experience turnaround with the peace of God that surpasses human understanding in Jesus name.