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An Incomplete Gospel By Femi Adebayo


An Incomplete Gospel By Femi Adebayo

The following comparison between attributes of the Gospel of the Kingdom and the Gospel of Salvation provides a better understanding of the two. When Jesus prayed the Lord’s prayer, He prayed for the manifestation of what was happening in Heaven to happen on earth. Our Father in Heaven, hallowed be Your name, Your Kingdom come, Your will be done on earth as it is in heaven – Matt 6:9-10.

His emphasis was more than salvation.

Gospel of Salvation:

Ø  Proclamation Evangelism/Salvation

Ø  Eternal, Heavenly Focus, Evangelistic

Ø  Addresses Only the Soul

Ø  Rapture Minded – Escape Mentality

Ø  Sacred Vs. Secular – Dualism

Ø  Focuses On Transaction

Ø  Win The Next Soul

Gospel of the Kingdom:

Ø  Soul and body

Ø  Impacts all aspects of society

Ø  Material, Social, Earthly, Secular

Ø  Influence through service, godly leadership, active faith

Ø  Focuses on taking dominion

Ø  Possess the Land

The above analysis shows the contrast between the Gospel of Salvation vs the Gospel of the Kingdom. One is passive; the other is active with a goal of taking possession as Joshua was instructed.

Oswald Chambers said, It is not a question of being saved from hell, but of being saved in order to manifest the Son of God in our mortal flesh – Romans 8:19. 

There would be no reason for us to remain on earth if there was not work to be done. So why has God allowed us to receive this new birth and remain on earth? It is so that we might bring the Kingdom of God into our world, our families, our workplace and our communities.

Is there something wrong with a gospel that has only saved souls but not transformed nations? 

Perhaps we have not been preaching the same gospel Jesus preached on Earth.

Pastor Femi Adebayo, an apostle of godly character and spiritual development is the President of Club Abraham International (a nondenominational fellowship of developing man value, character and godliness). Phone/WhatsApp: 08033137585