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Ademorin Kuye: Divine Journey into Politics, calls on the righteous to get involved


Ademorin Kuye –Divine Journey into Politics, Calls on the righteous to get involved without fear


Barrister Ademorin Aliu Kuye is a Legal Practitioner and arbitrator. He graduated with Bachelor of Law Degree from University of Ife (now Obafemi Awolowo University) and was called to Bar in 1989. After several years of working experience with some leading chambers and senior lawyers, he went into full practice before venturing into politics. He was at different times, the Chairman and the Executive Secretary of Shomolu Local Government and later, the Hon. Commissioner for Local Government and Chieftaincy Affairs, Lagos State.

He is happily married and blessed with five children. Until now, a keen sport lover who never misses his morning exercises. A lively personality whose best relaxation spot is not at a joint or a club, neither untoward any unprofessional organization; but in the church or fellowship with brethren where he believes, in the presence of God there is fullness of joy. When he is not officially engaged, he is at home with his family watching football or listening to news.

Hon. Kuye is currently an Honourable Member, Federal House of Representatives, representing Shomolu Federal Constituency 1 and serving in various committee of the green house. He is also inaugurated chairman, Committee on Review of Abandoned Federal Government Infrastructures throughout Nigeria. 

In this encounter with our Editor, Gracious Akintayo, he bares his mind on Christian politics, governance and other credible issue. 


Barrister Ademorin Aliu Kuye is a product of grace and salvation he proudly enjoys. He was born into a Muslim family and has nothing doing with Christianity until sometime in 1985, without being evangelized, he had a personal encounter through divine invitation that changed his life. 

He had parked his car in front of a church waiting for someone but the message from the church pastor through the public address system, speaking the graphics picture of his life pierced into his heart. There, he decided to know more of the pastor’s message. This led him to go and buy a Bible he started reading, reading the Bible stirred his heart to discovery of truth that let him to willingly gave his life to Christ and becoming a committed member of a living church where he went through the foundation and development classes, before joining the church work-force as a responsible Christian. To sharpen his knowledge of the Word, he attended the Redeemed Bible College in 1987 and since giving his life to Christ in 1985, Kuye had remained steadfast, growing in the power of grace and salvation. His personal relationship and encounter with God, had made him experienced unprecedented testimonies.

After his new birth and enjoying the privilege salvation, Hon. Kuye discovered one of the great charge of the Lord Jesus Christ to believers, “occupy till I come” in the Bible. The charge triggered a soul searching questions on what to occupy, where to occupy, why to occupy, when to occupy and how to occupy? The result led to his discovery of having a role to play in Nigeria politics and governance. He did not make up his mind until year 2000 during one of the Holy Ghost service, where Pastor Adeboye, the General Overseer of Redeemed Christian Church of God charged Christians to participate in politics and encouraged the congregation to go and get their voters card to vote and be involved in politics without fear. The message confirms his discovery and he made up his mind to get involved in politics as he took the G. O’s message as divine confirmation and approval. This prompted his seeking God’s direction and guidance with fasting and prayers that reveals, “When the righteous are in power, the people rejoice and the nation is at peace”, and, “pray for your leaders” from the Bible. These words raised some poser of who is a righteous person and the qualification? He realizes, he is righteous and righteous through Christ’s righteousness that qualifies him as a believer and child of God. Then the question arose, who are the leaders to be prayed for, are they the one who do not know God or the one who is righteous child of God in leadership position? With the understanding that, governance cannot continue to be left in the hand of those who do not know or have no business with God nor compassionate leadership heart he was inspired to get involved in murky water of Nigeria politics as a Christian and his first shot was the local government Chairmanship which by the grace of God, he won despite stiff opposition and failed diabolical confrontation. Since then, it has been from one glory to another as a Christian in politics. 

Sharing his experience, Hon. Kuye said, “I can testify that, there is no such power under the earth, inside the water or firmament besides God. It is hoax of the devil and lies; if any man tells you there is power in any juju.  I have seen many people using juju and still do not get anything, but lose. I contested with people who believe in such lies and by the grace of God, I defeated them. 

When I contested for the chairmanship position, there was a strong man, one of the king maker in Shomolu who sponsored a candidate against me. He proved to have a powerful juju man backing him and pointblank said to the hearing of people that, there is no way I was going to be the Council Chairman, that his candidate will be the council Chairman and if I win, he will leave Lagos. He built his confidence in juju and I built my on God. We went into the election and I won. He left Lagos and the rest is testimony today”. God is a jealous God; you cannot compete or try to play Him. A person without God and outside of God is empty and foolish. “Elevation does not come from the east or from the west but from God. He is the one that pull one down and raise another up”, he said.

Emphasizing on leadership and accountability, Hon. Kuye said, of truth, genuine leader must have, lead and govern with the fear of God, because, one day everyone will stand before their maker to give the account of their stewardship and what was done with the privilege or opportunity they had. 

The Bible teaches, Moses, Joshua and Samuel were priests, prophets and head of government. Also, the government of the world is on the shoulder of Jesus as our Lord, Saviour and advocate. Government and leadership are divine gifts for believers to do exploits, dominate and occupy. And to confirm this, the Bible declared us, “a royal priest, peculiar people and holy nation”. 

Christians should see the principle and reality of God’s word and be practical with what the Bible teaches and commanded. The chosen, who are righteous and have relationship with God should get involve and participate in party political without fear but with trembling at His Word as Christ ambassador; as light to shone in midst of darkness and salt to season the society with compassionate impacts. 

When the righteous are on the throne the people rejoice. But when the wicked who does not know God, not accountable to anyone or knows there is a day of reckoning with anything done, should be done as unto the Lord, there will be problem, catastrophe and chaos. 

“Any Christian not spirit-filled with godly character and cannot think of making a difference is not fit for governance or political office. Above all, we should allow people with godly character and fear of God to lead”, he said.

Christians who have the inspiration or leading to get involved in politics should not be scared of the attached dirtiness or contamination of their faith and righteousness, they should yield to the yearning of participation to clean-up and occupy the system with new spirit till the Lord returns. 

Time is now to move and get involve fully participating in politics and becoming part of the next generation of leaders to make a difference in governance and the system. If we fail to get involve for any reason, then our light and salt with boldness and righteousness will not make any difference. Jesus did not come for the perfect world, He sacrificed all, including His life to redeem us; gave us hope and assurance of better life. Also, we should be ready to sacrifice and maximize the gift and the grace divinely bestowed on us.

With many happenings in our society, wickedness are been perpetuated in our society, value systems are eroded and crime rates are daily increasing. This is the best time to move against them to avoid total collapse of our society, future disaster and fatal destruction. It is only God Who enthroned and dethroned; He makes things happened beyond our expectations and never fails as the only one Who is fallible without any doubt. 

I know the enormous trust bestowed on me and the high expectations of the electorates from me. They would get good representation without disappointment, but they should have absolute trust in God to use me for His own good in their lives as their elected representative. 

Commending the Federal Government war on corruption, Kuye appreciate what the war has achieved, though, not everyone will be pleased with the outcome of the war. Most take away is, it has exposed, enlightened and demonized unbridled corruptible practices and stealing of public funds that was something unchecked before now and nobody care or talks about. 

Lamenting on the state of the nation, Kuye described the present situation of the country as shameful, wicked and unimaginable due to unprecedented scale of economic corruption, sabotage and mismanagement that became a norm without anyone raising eyebrow. Fighting corruption requires great concern with everyone support so that the standard of governance can be improved with accountability restored.

As it were, Nigeria was at the point of construction and that is why we experienced some pain. The present level is where structures and fittings are fixed for the people to be relieved, comforted and enjoyed. 

I believe, if the entire resources acquirable to this country had been put to good use and geared towards proper development and infrastructures for the benefit of people and the country, Nigeria would not have been where it is today. Joblessness and unemployment, ethnicity, religious and cult wars that turned to criminality, terrorism and other vices would not have risen; everyone would have had their shares and there would have been fewer problems fighting corruption. There would have been home for all and food on tables with peace and stability. Nigerians should support the present administration to redirect our resources, so that a hungry man can become a happy man, he pleaded.  

There are laws needed to be sponsored for the benefit of people and how to use the law to improve our societal value. Also, good roads, effective decision making and reforms that will impact on Nigerians to create conducive business environment, establish industries that will generate more income for the masses some form of expectation from the righteous in political leadership.

Bemoaning attitude of Christians towards politics, Hon. Ademorin Kuye said, it is time for Christians sitting on the fence, observing with the aim of complaining, criticizing and condemning; to exercise their right as citizens and be bold to step into the water to walk and see if they will sink or be divinely guided. It is not enough to be part of the crowd hailing and wailing. Because, complainers don’t contribute and if Christian’s kept complaining, things are bad, they should endeavour to be committed and make a difference to improve things for our comfort. The attitude of sitting on the fence is saying, things are impossible with God.

As citizens, Christians should show high level of commitment and interest in their locality administration and governance by getting involve, make contribution and participate with the accountability spirit, fear of God and consciousness of people’s expectations. They should not compromise their faith, but be prayerful and sensitive in the spirit for direction.

Christians should use the power and authority of the Word, and citizenship to encourage, enthrone and establish good governance that will positively impact and secure the future of Nigerian society, he advised.