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7 Habits Why Silent People Are Most Successful! -By Gracious Akintayo


7 Habits Why Silent People Are Most Successful!
By Gracious Akintayo

We understand the power of being silent and why silent people are most successful.

Extroverts people are also successful but here are some qualities silent people posses. They are;

1. Good Planners:
Because they are silent, it gives them the opportunity to develop their ideas. They quietly plan how to develop and invest their resources into profitable future venture. They are entrepreneur and adventurer who doesn’t talk much except when necessary.

2: They are great listeners:
They are always keen and listen when someone is addressing them or speaking ideas into their subconscious mind. They take advices to succeed on how to succeed.

3: They are usually creative:
Because they do not spend most of their time talking, they have the ability to generate ideas. It helps them think and be more creative. Creativity is good in business.

4: They choose their words carefully:
Extroverts talk without considering choices of words. But a silent person talk and sure, he/she ‘weighed’ the words and knew it will benefit the person being addressed.

5: They are great observers:
Silent people are successful because they see opportunity around them and observe styles to use them for their own move.

6: They keep only the best people:
Silent people are very selective and only have few friends they can trust and believe their sense of judgement. They prefer quality than quantity.

7: They know their priorities:
Silent people knows their stand. They are very positive and optimistic in all they do. They are not good in social but they stick to their beliefs.