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2023 NIGERIAN ELECTION: For Nigerian Christians Abroad -God is not done with Nigeria! -By Femi Omotoyinbo


2023 NIGERIAN ELECTION: For Nigerian Christians Abroad -God is not done with Nigeria! -By Femi Omotoyinbo 

Hopefully by 25th February Nigeria will have another presidential election. There are many candidates and three are well-known. Interestingly, the three major presidential candidates represent the 3 major tribes in the country. But that’s not even the point.

If Nigeria is a person, some would imagine it to be weak, fragile, frail and poor. Perhaps demanding attention in an ICU. However, that’s the perspective of people who have no access to the national cake. Others who are milking the nation dry may see it as an exclusive land of prosperity and abundant riches.

No matter the perspective, we are all Nigerians. And it is time to make choices either actively or passively. Actively for those who can vote, and passively for those who are unable.

Voting from abroad is yet to be a culture in Nigeria. So being abroad is being a passive voter. Although many may feel free from the burden of voting. “What is the essence of voting in a country that consistently stands for disappointment, despair, and destitution?” Many abroad would find it a pleasure to sell or exchange their passports if that’s possible because of the plight of the country. So, there is an understandable apathy for the situation in Nigeria.

But…can we say ‘but’? Perhaps there’s a reason for being a Nigerian. It’s not a biological mistake that I’m not from the family of Bush or Vajiralongkorn. There’s a purpose for being a Nigerian. If there is God who knows all things, He knows why I’m a Nigerian and not a Nigerien. Perhaps you think it’s a punishment for my offences in some previous life. Perhaps it’s not, because there’s no previous life that I remember. And it would be unfair to be punished for things I never remember doing.

So, probably there’s something different. Perhaps there’s an unknown or unclear reason. But if there’s a good God who made it happen that I’m a Nigerian, then the unknown and unclear reason must be good. Perhaps, I should forsake my apathy. But if I cannot actively vote, so what? As passive voters, we can commit this Nation to the hands of God. Hearing about Nigeria lately from other people across the world has been encouraging. It is evident that Nigeria is a hub for something great to come. And that’s why the devil is fighting hard, and recruiting even Nigerians to fight against their country and their future. But the light will always win, the truth will always prevail! The night may be dark and long, but there will be joy in the morning.

So, even as a passive voter, I’ll fight actively with my knees on the battleground standing in the gap for a nation blessed by the Lord. For sure, there’ll be joy in the morning and the knees shall be raised in victory. Perhaps you have ‘japa’, someday soon ‘Naomi’ will hear that the LORD has attended to His people and she will return home to witness the abundance. So wherever you are, pray for the good of Nigeria, they shall prosper that love it. 

If God has not given up on Nigeria, who is who to give up? Come what may, God is not done with Nigeria!