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15 Keys to Life Development


By Pastor Bisi Adewale

  • Every marriage is a work-in-progress.
  • Quack parents know nothing, but child bearing and rearing; not child training and upbringing.
  • Women and men that raises children single handedly may look happy but they are suffering
  • Let God be the foundation of the marriage, no matter the state. No marriage is irreparable in the workshop of God
  • People are called Christians and attend churches, but they are not Christlike
  • When you know your calling, it makes your source sure
  • Child training and upbringing makes a total child; child rearing and bearing make the children legal animals!
  • The voice of a woman looks romancing, but the fathers have natural commanding tone
  • Amnesty and fearless when mixed will have a total child
  • Three types of marriage; non-Christian home, home of Christian and Christian home
  • If you do not know about the family, call on experts. Because no family, no church!
  • Parenting style differ, the more we grow it differs
  • A child who cannot make a decision at 21, means you are a poor parent
  • You must know the worth of your calling.
  • Not everybody should be a general overseer