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15 Important Advice For Ideal Date By Gracious Akintayo


15 Important Advice For Ideal Date By Gracious Akintayo

Truth is, love grows but it grows where it is watered. 

In any relationship, to understand your partner is more important than to have a wedding plan. 

One of the most difficult things about love is the struggle or fight to save a relationship when one party has already given up a long time ago.

  1. Any relationship where you have to beg or bribe your way for attention, is like planting a dead seed. You’re wasting your time and resources in that relationship. “You’re no longer important and needed in that relationship”.
  2. Don’t be afraid to walk away from any relationship where your love and effort is not reciprocated and complimented. Time is an expensive commodity in love and has to be well utilized in any relationship.
  3. “Where is this relationship leading us to?” Don’t be afraid to ask this question and don’t get angry when you answer the same question, neither feel bad for any unpleasant answer. Because no one wants to be used and dumped.
  4. Any relationship that has no direction and plan is waiting to collapse. Silence causes more harm than distance. Feel free to express yourself and speak your mind in a relationship. But, do it appropriately with respect to your partner. “Stagnation does not grow love. Break the silence and protect your love”.
  5. A hungry dog can attack its owner, if it doesn’t get the expected attention; same way, a hungry woman can upset her man, if she doesn’t get the expected attention, affection and care from him. “Attention, affection and care are the romantic road to a woman’s heart”.
  6. If a woman can encourage and support her man with respect. She will never struggle or fight to win his heart, rather, she will become a driving force and pillar to him. “A respectful woman is a tonic to a successful relationship”.
  7. “Why the sudden change after meeting in person?” But, when on social media you communicate and flow well. “Don’t stress yourself hard, there is no interest and love. It’s infatuation”.
  8. “Relationships don’t work for me! “The problem is not the relationship; it is you. It is either you’re meeting the wrong people or you lack relationship principles. “Take your time to fall in love and don’t give room to sentiment”
  9. Sex is not the problem of any relationship. It is a lack of purpose. This is not to encourage or support premarital sex. The question is, what happens after sex? To many, sex is another fun and some see it as an affair, while others honour it as sacred covenant. “If there’s a purpose for any relationship, sex becomes the least in that relationship”.
  10. Be calm like a dove but bold like Lion (Esther 4:16). Don’t become a prey to an opportunist in a relationship. To be able to make your decision, take time to study your partner and know your partner to an extent.
  11. Any relationship where you’re not planning and praying together has no purpose; it’s a disaster waiting to happen. It’s either you’re deceiving yourselves or someone is pretending.
  12. In a relationship where partners lock or hide their phones from each other is a lack of trust and where there’s no trust, there’s no relationship. Because, without trust you can’t build a healthy, interesting and strong relationship.
  13. Why people hurt your feelings is because you allow them without your consent. Always acknowledge that opinions differ and it requires mutual understanding with agreement not to be offensive.
  14. Don’t cut short your dreams and vision because of relationships or marriage. You need a life before the Ring. “Get your priority right, discover yourself, know what you want and what you want to achieve”.  Seek knowledge, get understanding and be adequately prepared. Don’t give in to emotion and sensation desires with primordial interest. Be carefully guided.
  15. What influences your decision determines your outcome. Be considerate of what influences your decision and apply the right attitude to guide you. “A well established relationship is a foundation for a good structure to build a future home”.