Home News Church 15 Cardinal Points for Ministers and Church Leaders – By Gracious Akintayo

15 Cardinal Points for Ministers and Church Leaders – By Gracious Akintayo


15 Cardinal Points for Ministers and Church Leaders – By Gracious Akintayo


“The quality of your life depends on the quality of knowledge of the Word of God in you and a life without the Word of God is a walking corpse, because the Word of God is life.”

“Don’t be too familiar with the Word of God – it is deeper, wider and rooted beyond any knowledge and reasoning.” 

“Don’t be too quick to speak or criticize and don’t claim to know or have a better understanding of matters than others when you don’t have a monopoly of revelation and knowledge.”

“No matter your knowledge and opportunity, if you would not respect, honour and appreciate ordained spiritual authority over you, you’re a sounding empty timbre, egoistic and distractions; not worthy of kingdom value.”

“No matter your title, position, class, creed or tribe; if you classically, socially, technically, ideologically, traditionally and mischievously twist the Word of God to please yourself and manipulate people, you are nothing, but a useless oppressor, bandit and murderer.” 

“It is outright foolishness to contradict, contend, condemn and confuse the written word of God in wholesome or in part. Materials, properties and fame gains are good, but don’t define, determine or represent kingdom value and purpose of the gospel.”

“Every false teacher and prophet who peddled lies and falsehood about the Word of God will be disgraced and shall have their ends with their generation cursed.”

“Those who blatantly merchandise the callings of God and promote iniquities above the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ shall be naked, emptied, disgraced and be made to walk barefooted.”

“If you wrongly influence people to stumble, wobble and fumble at the Word of God, you will be ridiculed and shamefully disgraced as a failure.”

“Most of you that adorn with the garb of position, title and unwarranted authority; how are you bewitched and who taught you to be chieftain, when you’re actually a charlatan?  –what is your pride, where is your testimony, when did you serve as a disciple, who are your sheep and flock?”

“If you’re too big or very proud to humble, submit, obey, fear and tremble at the word of God, your life is profitable for nothing and will end up miserable.”

“Whatever structure you’re laying, building or built without the Kingdom focus, orientation and goal will end in jeopardy, destruction and wipe out.”

“When your ministry becomes arrogant with pride becoming your ministerial assignment, it is a proof, you are not being led by the Holy Spirit, but by your strategy, motive and desires.”

“Mega churches with crowd pulling branches and popular pastors with large followership that do not impact genuine salvation, make disciples and build people of His passion for His mission are tantamount to ministerial failure.”

“Charismatic preaching with beautiful service and great performance that does not have the impact of redemption, salvation and baptism of the Holy Ghost is not a ministry service, but mere theateristic show of entertainers relaxing the minds of people.”