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10 Types of Woman A Man Should Not Marry


10 Types of Woman A Man Should Not Marry By Gracious Akintayo 

If a man decides to choose a life partner and wants to be happily married, there are types of women he must stay away from and must not marry.

Most of the women have the traits of being mischievous, manipulative, deceptive and pretentious. A man has to carefully study a woman to know if she did not have any of these traits before he marries her.

A marriage to a wrong woman can destroy a man’s life and make life vision miserable. Samson thought Delilah was a blessing to him only for him to be destroyed by her.

There are indications that not all the good looking and beautifully dressed ladies a man meets are good material as a wife, life partner and help to support his life goal. Most of the ladies are destiny destroyers and demonized weapons.

Truly, he who finds a wife, finds a good thing and shall obtain favor. But the fact is, when God wants to bless you to achieve your goals, He sends someone into your life as help to meet, same way, when the devil wants to destroy your life, he manipulates and sends someone to your life as a destroyer.

To destroy Samson’s life and destiny, took only Delilah’s seductive strategy, not hundreds of soldiers, but only one woman. Women are more powerful agents to build or destroy than some weapons.

Here are 10 types of women a man should stay away from and never contemplate marrying.

  1. A Woman Who is a Liar: 

Any woman who easily frames or manufactures lies without consideration or fear of God is a pathological liar. No amount of measures put in place to correct her will work, such a woman cannot change, because it is already part of her life. If care is not taken, she can mislead and destroy a man’s life, also the lives of the children.

  1. A Woman Who is Not Spiritually Mature: 

A spiritual matured woman is not because she’s religious or goes to church. But a sincere woman who has the heart of  fear, love and service for God. 

Do not marry a woman who cannot or ready to pray, fast, study the Bible, worship, fellowship and desire to develop her spiritual life on her own and with you. If you marry this type of woman, it will affect your spiritual and marital life.

With constant argument, misunderstandings and quarrels there will be no harmony, peace and love in that marriage. Because, you are spiritually divided and far from each other.

  1. A Woman Who is Not Emotionally Mature:

Some women easily get irritated, angry and annoyed. Don’t marry a woman that has no control of her temperament. A woman who alway frowns at anything, gets bored and angry at any slight provocation cannot contribute meaningfully to a marriage. This type of woman is violent in nature and destructive.

  1. A Woman Who is Not Financially Mature:

A good woman is a prudent wife, homemaker and manager. She is not given to an extravagant and lavish lifestyle. She works and is industrious, not dependent or living on a man. A woman that lives and depends on man before she can buy anything of her own, is not a supportive wife, but a lazy and opportunist who cannot bring value and contribute to a man’s life. A man should find a woman who is industrious or doing something, but require further encouragement. Don’t marry a lazy woman as a wife, she will be a burden.

  1. A Woman Who Nag:

Everyone has their weaknesses but too much of a thing is bad. When a woman continuously complains and serially laments over small issues, if care is not taken, it can lead to domestic violence.

  1. A Woman Who is Mischievous:

A woman whose behavioural expression in words and actions are intended to cause harm or trouble. These types of women are house breakers who create divisions and confusion where there’s relative peace.

  1. A Woman Who is Manipulative:

Women in this category try to control people to their own advantage in an unfair and dishonest way. They are ruthless and terrible schemers who want to be in control of everything and everyone around them.

  1. A Woman Who is Deceptive:

Apart from telling lies, a woman who makes you believe something that she quite knows is not true, to be true is not honest, reliable and responsible.

  1. A Woman Who is Pretentious:

These sets of women are affectionate and insincere in their behaviour and manners. They usually sound more important and cover their real identity or wrongful acts with false presentation.

  1. A Woman With Grasshopper Mentality:

There’s nothing as sad as marrying a woman whose thinking and imagination ability are very low and limited in esteem. These types of women are low lifers who look big, but allow their fears and situations to dominate their life and feel low with contended esteem. They found themselves losing the proper perspective by comparing themselves with others. They are full of negativity, believe in impossibility and have no purpose of living. Also, indirectly or directly, causing you setbacks and keeping you stagnant with destructive tendencies without meaningful contribution to situations. If you eventually marry a woman in this category, you will live your marital life in regret and lamentations.

Marriage is a lifetime institution and a termless contract that you cannot afford to break from, that is why a man needs to be prayerful, watchful and well prepared before choosing a life partner.