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10 Types of Toxic Relationship To Avoid


10 Types of Toxic Relationship To Avoid

If you want to enjoy your love life, there are some type of relationship you must avoid. These are type of relationships that will not lead anywhere good in your life. 

If you are experiencing any of the following, you should make a good decision and run for your dear life. 

The primary purpose of keeping a relationship before marriage is to critically understand each other, make adjustments where necessary and build strong bond to keep your communication flowing.

It doesn’t matter how long you have been in that relationship and pain you will go through with the following feelings, a broken relationship is better than an unhappy or broken marriage.

  1. Avoid a relationship that is solely based on sex. Such relationship has no future. If all you do always is to have sex together instead of DISCUSSING, PLANNING and PRAYING about things that will benefit your lives, future and marriage. You think you are enjoying the sex affairs or securing the relationship. You are a sex symbol and bed partner. You are endangering your life, wasting your time and destiny.
  1. Avoid relationships that has no direction, purpose and vision. It will make your life meaningless. With no drive and goals, you will only live for living sake and be together for self satisfaction.
  2. Avoid any relationship that doesn’t add any positive impact and value system on your life. You will remain static and stagnant with limitations.
  3. Stay away from relationships where your partner is not sharing in your dream and aspiration to grow and develop or where you hardly agree on anything but always argue, misunderstand and disagree with  each other without arriving at a solution. Such relationship cannot give you progress and bring development to your life. You will end up living a frustrated life as a stranger.
  4. Break away from relationships that make you cry, always shed tears or gives you concerns and situations to sorrow about than happiness. When your partner subtle threatened, harassed, intimidate or points accusation finger at you, you will become miserable, terrible and horrible in life. 
  5. Do not stay in a relationship where you love someone but the person makes you unhappy every time. There is no guarantee that you will live happy together. You will later become tolerated and without desired love. 
  6. When you observe that a relationship is getting bad and can’t work, there is no point for to continue or remain in the relationship. Run from it. Don’t try to keep managing and enduring. At the end of the day, you will live in regret and bitterness.
  7. Avoid any relationship where you find yourself struggling to love your partner. It forces you to force your interest on your partner. There must be flow of complement, compatibility and consolidation in the relationship.
  8. Avoid relationships where you are caged or restricted from your rights. No relationship should restrict you from your rights. Relationship is not a prison or captivity. Any relationship where you have restrictions, placed on condition and limited to a position, you are nothing but a spare tire that has been used for sustenance.
  9. Avoid being taken for granted or monetary/material consumption. Relationship is assumed to be give and take, instead of give and take. Your resources are bleeding and you would soon become sole proprietor of that relationship